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21.4 is what i got but it says the answer is 22.4?

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-7,because it has been verified also:

x2-(-7)x + 12=0

x2+7x +12=0

x2+4x +3x +12=0



now,difference= -3-(-4)= -3+4=1


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The answer is y= 8 x- 2 this how it is kTake x and y as the coordinates of the other line and cross multiple with 8 then leave the answer in form of y= mx + c

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A/(2c) is equivalent to a/2c in this problem since the denominator is a product of 2 and c and not the sum or difference of 2 and c

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A new substance is made, but atoms are not created or destroyed, they are just rearranged.

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Seeiously ? What a great explanation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The answer is -4 because -10 - 10 = -20 divided by 5 is -4m/s/s

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On reaching max height the velocity becomes zero. the ball starts falling downward. i think A is the correct answer. the ball is projected vertically upward.

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Nope it's wrong the answer is 10.8
is the answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Object A has the greater speed.

There are two types of Motion; Constant Velocity motion and Accelerated Motion. The shapes of the position versus time graphs for these two basic types of motion i.e. changing velocity, reveal an important principle. This principle states that “the slope of the line on a position-time graph reveals useful information about the velocity of the object”.

Also, It is often said that "As the slope goes, so goes the velocity." The Velocity and the Slope will always exhibit the same characteristics. Which automatically implies that If the Velocity is constant, the slope is also Constant and if the Velocity changes, the slope also changes and Vice Versa.

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