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It might not seem obvious but there are already 73 films that are based on Stephen King’s books. Some of the movies are simply based on short stories but people were able to make it into full movies. King has always said that there are some movies that he liked a lot while there are also others that may be too far from what he has written.

It is best for fans to always read his books first before they watch the movies so that they can also compare what they have read with what is being presented through the movies. Take note that other stories have been made into mini-series and television stories too.

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Well to answer this question, we first have to explain what happened with Pewdie Pie that lead to the issue with Wall Street. Pewdie Pie took his jokes and rather crass sense of humor too far and crossed a line when he began telling jokes about Nazis and Jewish people. The star was backed by Disney who said that it was going to break off ties with Pewdie Pie because of these issues.

These were not simply just jokes, he paid people to stand and hold a sign that said "Death to All Jews". The Wall Street Journal was the newspaper that ran the article and after the fiasco, Pewdie Pie continued to make inappropriate skits and call out people from the Wall Street Journal by name.

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This is a very opinion based question, but in my opinion yes, there are movies better than Shawshank Redemption. Shawshank Redemption is a fantastic movie and considered one of the best movies of all time but there are other movie titles which also live up to, if not pass, Shawshank Redemption.

A movie that is very similar in some ways that I feel surpasses Shawshank Redemption is Green Mile. Green Mile is another prison based movie which stars Tom Hanks as one of the main characters. It was based on the novel by Stephen King by the same name. It is a fantasy crime drama and if you liked Shawshank, you will love Green Mile.

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No, the MCU has not perfected their CGI usage in their movies but overall they do a pretty great job with just a few exceptions. Despite some of their overuse of CGI or poor quality CGI, superhero movies by Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the hottest trends in Hollywood today.

Marvel is constantly surprising fans and even critics with how well their movies are made. The Black Panther movie was no exception to their continued success. The Black Panther franchise had already proven to be very successful before the movie was released, already earning 13.5 million dollars before the movie earned $400 million during the opening weekend world wide.

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Over 20 people have won Oscars for their first role. While every actress and actor have fantasies of gaining immediate star status when they first break on to the Hollywood scene or into the film industry, the vast majority of people do not actually acheive this for their first role.

It is a lot more common that budding actors and actresses will need to gain some very valuable experience in the industry before slowly shaping themselves into the kind of people they want to be in show business. For a few lucky individuals, they can begin their career much faster and easier by winning both an Oscar winning role in a film and by already having the talent necessary to achieve such an incredible honor.

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After all the time the audience spends watching trailers in the movie theater, the trailers and movie previews need to be a work of art to capture, and keep, the attention and spark the memory in the people watching. Trailers are usually very short, so it is even more important to convey the movie in such a way that the viewers are instantly hooked and remember it in the future when the movie is actually released. Some of the worst movie trailers have also managed to make their way on to the scene and really failed to make an impact.

One of the worst movie trailers was C Me Dance. The storyline starts off strong as a woman is diagnosed with cancer but then quickly spirals out of control when a devil shows up and turns into somewhat of a horror movie for teenagers. Other terrible trailers include movies like After Last Season, Jack and Jill and Birdemic: Shock And Terror.

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Andre Roussiemoff was a Frenchman born in the forties with a disorder often referred to as gigantism. this disorder floods the body with growth hormones. By the age of 12, Andre was the size of a full grown man and was therefore very useful on his father's farm but before long he got into wrestling, where he found fame. He went to Canada and became Andre the Giant.

The punishment inevitable in professional wrestling plus the disorder of gigantism left Andre suffering great and constant pain. His manager therefore refused to allow André to keep wrestling. This damaged their relationship so that when André the Giant died in 1993 of congestive heart failure, he did so alone, to the grief of his manager. Andre was only 46.

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The "casting couch," though not that elaborate, it seems real in the Hollywood industry. Casting couch refers to a circumstance when someone in power or a higher position demands sex to grant a role to the victim. However, this has been mentioned by a few actors and actresses in the Hollywood industry, while some added their complaints with a "me too" statement. The young feminine talents that are just coming in and hoping to gain ground in the industry are usually the victims of this incident. It's unfortunate how some producers and directors request for sex before they could feature an actor or actress for a role in a movie or TV show.

Some allegations have been made against a popular Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, recently by some stars like Charlize Theron and Thandie Newton. Reece Witherspoon made it known that she was assaulted sexually by a Hollywood director. Jane Fonda also said she had been fired before for refusing to have sex with her boss. And many more instances like that. "Casting couch" is real!

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Self-esteem, or how we look at ourselves, is an integral part of our emotional well-being. Good, healthy self-esteem allows us to love ourselves and accept ourselves the way we are. Self-confidence can be obtained through several positive channels, including exercise, pampering ourselves with a lavish bubble bath.

Also, cooking a fancy dinner, which can build self-love and ultimately, help us to derive self-power. Self-esteem may also be achieved by putting effort into the things that matter to us, such as work, school, or our social lives.

Also, stay away from negative people. Stay positive and try to gravitate towards those who are positive too. If you remember this, it can help you to foster a sense of self-esteem, and it keeps you around those who are supportive of your goals and dreams.

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Yes, I would say that CGI is now more of a compulsion for the film industry rather than something that is well thought out and necessary. It is hard to blame the film industry for overusing the CGI tech since it is the best way to make really detailed and believable special effects.

But this also means that it needs to be developed properly and used only in the situations where it benefits the film. CGI is used in almost every film in recent years and most of it leaves a lot to be desired. When CGI is used all the time (and not always with great success) it becomes watered down and "normal" rather than awe-inspiring and unique.

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