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There are many movies from 2017 that should be best picture, but there can be only one. Some of the movies include The Post, Darkest Hour, The Shape of Water, Dunkirk, Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird, Get Out and Three Billboards in Ebbing, Missouri. Each of these movies is very different. Some are dark and others are scary. Some are fantasy and there are some that are true stories.

Since all of these movies are different, people who like certain genres of movies may cause them to think a specific movie should win best picture. (2) However, only one movie can win. I think that Darkest Hour should win best picture because of each actor’s talent that contributed to this movie.

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Will Smith is an actor who began his career by rapping with his friend DJ Jazzy Jeff in 1985. He then began acting in a television show that was similar to his life. From that point on, Will Smith was a big name in Hollywood where he acted in big movies and became a high-priced actor. During 2006-2013, Will Smith had a leading man status which means that he would portray the lead in a movie or television show.

Will Smith began playing in Suicide Squad and is still working as an actor in several movies like he always has been. Smith also took part in a movie for Netflix called Bright. He also has plans for some upcoming activities including lending his voice in some movies.

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Selena Gomez is a singer and she also acts. Gomez was born in Texas. She started her acting career in a children’s show, but she is best known for being on the Disney Channel. She played one of the lead roles in the Wizards of Waverly Place. Justin Bieber is also a singer. He was born in Canada. He became well-known and got his start by putting his songs on youtube.

He first became known around the world in 2009 when he created his debut album, My World. In 2010, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez began dating. They dated for a few years and then called it quits in late 2012. However, they decided to date again in 2012, but split up again in 2013. They have been on and off for the past several years.

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Zayn Malik began his career by joining the band, One Direction. He was able to join this band by joining the band with others and auditioning on The X Factor. This took place in 2010. He had previously auditioned on the same show but he auditioned by himself. When he was in the group, they made a lot of albums and money. However, he wished to sing on his own, so he left the group in 2015.

Then Malik released several albums and several songs became hits. (2) Many celebrities get on drugs due to the stress and pressure of their job, and they have the money to support this habit. The best way to determine if someone is on drugs is to monitor their behavior. If it is erratic, there may be cause for concern.

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Due to the enormous amount of money in Hollywood, there is a large amount of crime there as well. Part of this crime could be related to drugs. Since drugs are so addictive, people may have trouble getting off of drugs. When there is more money available, then there is more temptation to get on drugs in order to deal with the stress of living in an expensive place to live.

However, Hollywood is not the only place where there is a widespread drug problem, many major cities have a drug problem that affects the whole city. Drugs cause other crimes to occur as well. The drug problem leads to people trying to steal money in order to support their drug habit.

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To be anti-semitic means to be or say derogatory things about Jewish people. Mel Gibson is a Catholic who strongly believes in Christianity. He has made movies and is a devout Christian. However, Gibson has had a drinking problem and has for many years. In 2006, Gibson was pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested for DUI, but before he was taken to jail, Gibson began yelling and talking about how horrible the Jewish people are.

Since his arresting office was Jewish, Gibson began making claims that the Jewish people were responsible for all of the wars. It is true that everyone is entitled to make mistakes and people will say things while they are drunk, but to be as specific as Gibson was during that tirade is hard to believe that he is not anti-semitic.

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Marilyn Monroe was an actress and model in the 1950s. She was very beautiful and she made lots of money due to her popularity. She was known for playing mostly blonde bombshells in these movies. Marilyn married a few times. One was to a military man at a very early age, the second time was to a baseball player named Joe DiMaggio, and the final husband was Arthur Miller.

There have been rumors that Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy had an affair. Even though Kennedy was married, he was known to be a womanizer and possibly had affairs as he was married to Jackie Kennedy. One instance that leads people to believe that he and Monroe had an affair was because Monroe sang to him on his birthday in a suggestive way.

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James Bond is a character who was created by Ian Fleming. This characters is included in many movies featuring James Bond. However, Fleming died in 1964, so several other authors used the James Bond character in their works. James Bond was played in movies from 1962 to 2015. The actors who have portrayed James Bond has changed throughout the years.

The very first actor to play James Bond was Sean Connery in the first five movie and then in another movie in 1971. George Lazenby played the spy in 1969. Then Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton played the character in the 1970s and 1980s. Pierce Brosnan was James Bond in the 1990s. Finally, Daniel Craig has played James Bond from 2006 until the present and is the best actor for James Bond due to his acting talent.

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Being a movie star is not as glamorous as it might appear. It is not an easy task being a movie star, especially at the starting point. It simply looks as if you are doing a marketing business, marketing yourself as a product to earn a few. The stress to pass through and the money to spend to make the career a reality are not things to joke with. Going to classes (if demanded), and probably first learning under a coach would surely require some expenses. Getting an agent or getting hooked up with a casting director to make you earn an opportunity to feature in a movie or TV show will most likely be an uphill task.

The more disgusting part of it is that all the input efforts still don't guarantee that you will have success. It is still on probability. Though the ones that seem to have made it through in the industry make it seem as if being a movie star is glamorous. That also shows that some can make it through, but just a few.

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Wow! If I should meet my favorite celebrity? I will be so elated. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big favorite of mine, and I have been his big fan since my little age. Yes, I've mentioned it. Arnold Schwarzenegger is my favorite celebrity. He is a man anybody will envy. I love his actions in all the movies he has featured in. Though I am not a movie-freak, I can go to any extent to watch a movie when I heard that Arnold is featured in that movie. I actually fell in love with him when I watched his movie, probably the most common one, Commando.

I watched this movie several times that I lost count. Another movie of his that I watched close to the time I watched Commando was Terminator. I so love Arnold Schwarzenegger's physique, his body buildup, and his actions. My love for his eyes is another thing I will like to mention. He is so vigilant, always at alert, and the looks on his eyes whenever he is suspicious gets me wondering, "Is this man really like this?" Seeing or meeting him will get me satisfied, even without eating any food for that day.

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