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The correct answer is letter C. The animal that Kevin Smith made fun of in the very beginning of Dogma was a Platypus. Dogma is an American fantasy and comedy film released in 1999 which was written and directed by Kevin Smith. The cast included Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as Bartleby and Loki, respectively who were both fallen angels, Linda Fiorentino as Bethany Sloane, Salma Hayek as Serendipity, Jason Lee as Azrael, Jason Mewes as Jay, Alan Rickman as Metatron, Chris Rock as Rufus and Kevin Smith as Silent Bob, to name a few. At the very beginning of the film, Kevin Smith flashed a message which read: “So please – before you think about hurting someone over this trifle of a film, remember: even God has a sense of humor.

Just look at the Platypus. Thank you and enjoy the show”. He then added, “P.S. We sincerely apologize to all Platypus enthusiasts out there who are offended by that thoughtless comment about the Platypi. We at View Askew respect the noble Platypus, and it is not our intention to slight these stupid creatures in any way. Thank you again and enjoy the show”.

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The correct answer is letter C. SpongeBob SquarePants’ pet snail sounds like a cat. SpongeBob SquarePants is an animated television series which premiered on May 01, 1999. It was created by Stephen Hillenburg and developed by Derek Drymon, Tim Hill and Nick Jennings. As of today, the series has 11 seasons and has approximately 218 episodes. The TV series includes characters such as SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Sandy, Pearl, Squidward, Gary and Mrs. Puff.

Gary is SpongeBob’s pet snail and doesn’t have much lines. When he speaks, he usually does in meows. SpongeBob SquarePants is a successful animated series. In fact, two features films were already made and released – The SponeBob SquarePants Movie on November 19, 2004 and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water on February 06, 2015.

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The answer is letter C. The Rescuers Down Under was the animated Disney film which showed two American mice on a journey to Australia. It was directed by Hendel Butoy and Mike Gabriel, released by Thomas Schumacher and based on the characters of Margery Sharp.

It was released on November 16, 1990 and starred the voices of Bob Newhart as Bernard, the male gray mouse, Eva Gabor as Miss Bianca, a white mouse, John Candy as Wilbur, an albatross, Bernard Fox as Charmouse, the chariman of the Rescue Aid Society and Adam Ryen as Cody, a boy who could converse with animals. The movie was actually a sequel because a first film entitled The Rescuers was released on June 22, 1977.

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The correct answer is letter B. Princess Bala was from the animated movie called Antz. It was directed by Eric Darnell and Tim Johnson, written by Todd Alcott, Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz and distributed by DreamWorks Pictures.

Released on October 02, 1998, the film starred Woody Allen as Z-4195 or Z, Gene Hackman as General Mandible, Sharon Stone as Princess Bala, Sylvester Stallone as Corporal Weaver, Jennifer Lopez as Azteca, Christopher Walken As Colonel Cutter, Danny Glover as Staff sergeant and Anne Bancroft as Queen Ant, to name a few. Princess Bala was the Queen Ant’s daughter who wanted to be free from her royal responsibilities as a princess. She was supposed to marry General Mandible, but she decided not to because he was a harsh militaristic.

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The closest correct answer is letter A. Why did I say closest? Because Stockard Channing’s real given name is Susan Antonia Williams, not Susan Williams Antonia. She was born on February 13, 1944 in New York City, New York and was famously known for playing the character of Betty Rizzo in Grease in 1978. Before she became popularly known, she had small roles in The Hospital in 1971, Up the Sandbox in 1972 and The Lion Roars Again in 1975.

Her role in The Fortune in 1975 earned her a nomination for Golden Globe for Best Acting Debut in a Motion Picture – Female. In 1993, she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress, Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress, Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical and National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actress for her role in Six Degrees of Separation.

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The correct answers are letter A and B. Someone of the same professional level and same business background are the general rules when inviting a colleague for lunch. However, please be reminded that this is not truly applicable to everyone. But since we are discussing Business Entertainment Etiquette in the United Kingdom which involves the proper concept and etiquette when you are hosting an entertainment even in the country, it is correct to answer letter A and B.

Why is this so? Because a person invites certain people for lunch to conduct or discuss a business. Basically, he or she would invite someone of the same professional level or someone who has the same business background so he or she can successfully discuss a business.

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The correct answer is letter C. Cosmo and Wanda are the names of Timmy Turner’s godparents in “The Fairly OddParents”. The Fairly OddParents is an animated television series which was created by Butch Hartman. It premiered on March 30, 2001 on Nickelodeon and is still running as of today. It is the longest-running fantasy TV series in the history of American television and the second longest-running Nickelodeon animated series.

In this show, Cosmo and Wanda were both assigned to grant Timmy’s wishes. Wanda’s real name is Wanda Venus Cosma and she is considered smarter than Cosmo. Cosmo’s real name is Cosmo Julius Cosma and is clumsy and stupid, a trait which greatly contributes to several of the disasters in the series.

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The answer is letter C. Toto was the band which sang about blessing the rains down in Africa in 1983. Toto is a rock band which formed in 1977 which consisted of Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather, David Paich, David Hungate, Jeff Porcaro and Steve Porcaro. It was in 1982 wherein they became truly successful.

Through their album called Toto IV, they were able to produce three singles which reached Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 – Africa, I Won’t Hold You Back and Rosanna. The single Africa reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on February 05, 1983. This song included the words “I’ll bless the rains down in Africa”, hence, the reason why the correct answer to the given question is letter C.

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The answer is letter B. Baloo is the bear who sings “The Bare Necessities” to Mowgli in Disney’s The Jungle Book. The Jungle Book is a series of stories by Rudyard Kipling published in 1894. It revolves around the story of Mowgli, his friends Baloo and Bagheera, a sloth bear and a black panther respectively, and his fight with the tiger Shere Khan.

It was in 1967 when Walt Disney Animation Studios adapted the book into an animated film. In this film, Baloo sang the song entitled “The Bare Necessities” to Mowgli. The song was written by Sherman Brothers and it was widely recognized. In fact, it was nominated for Best Song at the 40th Academy Awards. It eventually lost to Talk to the Animals from the film Doctor Dolittle.

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The answer is letter D. Lupe Velez was the beautiful Latina known as the Mexican Spitfire. Born Maria Guadalupe Villalobos Velez on July 18, 1908 in San Luis Potosi City, San Luis Potosi, Mexica, she began her career in the early 1920 as a performer in Mexican vaudeville. In 1927, she starred in her first film. It wasn’t until she starred in The Guacho did she become known as a professional actress. Her biggest break came in 1939 when she starred in the Mexican Spitfire series and since then adopted the nickname “The Mexican Spitfire”.

The Mexican Spitfire series consisted of the following films: The Girl from Mexico in 1939, Mexican Spitfire and Mexican Spitfire Out of West in 1940, The Mexican Spitfire’s Baby in 1941, Mexican Spitfire at Sea, Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost and Mexican Spitfire’s Elephant in 1942 and Mexican Spitfire’s Blessed Event in 1943.

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