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English Proficiency Test Questions and Answers (Q&A)

WHAT THE HECK, JOHN. Also, stop confusing knowledge with intelligence on those "IQ" tests of yours, they are absolutely terribly, even excluding the fact that you misunderstand what intelligence means.

frick me up some other day, John

4 Answers

The correct answer to this question is C. Juan is studying in the library this morning. A gerund is needed in this sentencem which would be "studying," but the correct verb would be "is" in this case because the subject is singular, so the verb would also need to be singular.

If the subject were a group of people or more than one person, then you would choose "are studying." For example, Juan and Emily are studying in the library this morning. There is a gerund and the verb is plural because the subject of the sentence is more than one person.

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You got it wrong here I think. "It's" is just a short word for "it is". The answer should have been either "their or its".

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What were you doing yesterday afternoon in front of your house when I called?

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THAT is the more acceptable answer. Their which is accepted here at the only correct answer assumes a plurality of ownership without any basis. The first sentence only mentioned a single occupant, Shen who could be the sole owner who lives there alone. If this is the case, "their" becomes a ridiculous answer. THAT is clearly the better answer..

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Its Taller not tallest. Best example we say 2 > 1, 2 is greater than 1 but never say 2 is greatest than 1

Taller or greater is between 2 objects, more than 2 will be tallest or greatest.

Eg: 1,2,3,10 10 is the greatest among 4 numbers.

2 Answers

The correct answer to this question is B, WAS HOOVERING. The keyword in this sentence to help answer this question is the word yesterday. This word is past tense and is used to describe the day before the current moment.

Therefore, the action of the sentence must be past tense as well for it to be grammatically correct. A and D are present tense so that they wouldn't be correct. Answer C is also past tense, but the word was used to describe plural subjects. The subject of the sentence is "my mother," and this is a singular subject, which eliminates answer C and leaves answer B as the correct one.

2 Answers

In the given sentence with a missing word “I will speak ____ Suzzane when I see her” the best word to use as a substitute for the missing word is “to” – “I will speak to Suzanne when I see her.”

In this sentence, the preposition “to” is used to indicate the receiver of the action, which in this case is Suzanne. We normally use the preposition “to” with action words (verb) such as write, give, and speak in order to indicate the person, place or object that will receive the action.
Prepositions are words that illustrate the relationship between two other words.

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The answer to this is A. I think that the sentence should read, “I have had my mobile phone since 2009.” This means that the narrator is saying that the mobile phone has been used and has been owned since 2009. The other verbs that are used for the choices will change the meaning of the sentence or are just flat out wrong for what the narrator is trying to say.

I believe that the narrator’s sentence is in the present perfect tense. This may be the intention of the person who is stating the sentence. “Have had” usually follows I, we, and you.

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Clotheful is not correct answer sense that there is no words like that

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