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England Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Henry vii

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Montpelier is the one for Vermont. Remember, VerMONT and MONTpelier.
That's why it's so easy to remember for me.

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London is the capital of the UK. Seperately the Nation's capitals are: Scotland - Edinburgh; Northern Ireland - Belfast; Wales - Cardiff; England - London.

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The Cheviot Hills divide Scotland from England. They run through Northumberland in England and the Southern Uplands of Scotland. They aren’t mountains so much as a range of rolling hills and pleasant scenery. The highest of the hills, the Cheviot Hill, is in England, as are a few of the other notable hills: Cushat Law, Hedgehope Hill, and Windy Gyle. Peaks in Scotland stretch to the Tyne Gap, and all the Scottish hills are considered to be part of the Pennines.

The hills have a few volcanoes, but nothing active as of the moment. There’s granite in the hills, and the granite helps bolster local economies. Granite is a popular stone for countertops, floorings, etc. in many areas of the world today because it stands up to a lot.

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