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Energy Transformation Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The correct option is C - As biker is on the downside of the hill that is where the kinetic energy is greatest.
Kinetic energy slowly decreases and at the same rate potential energy increases as the biker climb up the hill. When the biker is halfway up or down the hill, kinetic energy and potential energy are equal.

At the top of the hill, potential energy is at maximum and kinetic energy is zero. As the biker comes down the hill, kinetic energy increases and potential energy decreases.

Option A - kinetic energy is low
Option B - kinetic energy is zero
Option D - is totally wrong.

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Weight of the object and height above the ground.

because to find the gravitational potential energy we need these information.
formula of GPE= m x g x h

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The correct answer to this question is B, Mechanical -> electrical. There are many devices that can transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. The most known is a generator. Generators can come in various sizes and can be small to supply power to a flashlight or larger to supply energy to businesses and cities. The concept of a generator was discovered by 19th century inventory Michael Faraday.

They are important espeically during times of storm when traditional power may go out. for they are able to create electric energy. Other devices that can perform this transformation include a hall effect, an alternator, piezo electric, and triboelectric.

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The correct answer to this question is B, Thermal. It is also referred to as heat energy. This energy occurs when a substance's molecules, along with their atoms, vibrate at a faster rate. They do so because of a rise in temperature. We experience examples of thermal energy every day. When we feel the warmth from the sun, that is thermal energy. This is because the heat from the sun makes the Earth warm.

Anything we cook something in appliances like a toaster or oven, there is thermal energy, for the heat energy warms and cooks the food. When we turn on a heater, that is an example, for the heater warms the house.

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The correct answer to this question is Transformation. It is also known as energy conversion. It is when energy changes from one form to another. Every second that passes, an energy transformation occurs. There are many examples of energy transformations, which include chemical, mechanical, and thermal. Every morning, I make waffles I am experiencing an energy transformation.

I make them in the toaster, and for the waffles to cook, electrical energy from the socket changes into thermal energy to cook the waffles. Other examples include a blender transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy and sun changing nuclear energy into electromagnetic energy.

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When a turbine rotates to produce electricity it transform

mechanical energy to electrical energy

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The correct answer to this question is C, at the top of the hill before the red arrow. Potential energy is defined as the stored energy of a position, which is possessed by an object. Gravitational and Elastic energy are the two types of potential energy.

This question corresponds with gravitational energy, which is the energy stored of an object, due to a vertical height or position. Gravitational potential energy is the greatest at the highest point. In this question, the top of the hill before the red arrow is the highest point on the hill, making it the greatest.

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