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There is no process that “gives” protons and other charged particles charge. They have charge, regardless of being protons, electrons or neutrons. It’s one of their defining properties. And because charge is (as far as we know) absolutely conserved, there is no process that...Read More

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HRV stands for Heat Recovery Ventilation. HRV works by removing stagnant air from a room that has higher humidity. It is commonly used in rooms that accommodate many rooms. It gives fresh outdoor air into the atmosphere. The heat recovery warms the incoming fresh air as the state air is...Read More

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Every day, the demand for energy keeps on growing as the population and usage of electricity increase to power our homes and gadgets. Sadly, most energy that we consume today is not renewable though there is an effort to use solar and hydro energy to sustain the people widely. Two of the most...Read More

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Wyatt Williams

The energy of a compound that changes as it atoms are rearranged to form new compounds

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The answer to this is C. You need to remember that the movement of the small particles can cause heat. For example, when you bring water to a boil, water becomes hotter because the molecules of water keep on moving around until the boiling point is reached. This is the same with all the other...Read More

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C is the answer to this question. There are always some different types of power and energy that are being produced by people depending on the movement that they do. Take note that there are various factors that can also affect the amount of effort that people will place into the activities...Read More

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The correct answer to this question is CO. CO is a compound of carbon and oxygen. A compound itself is a chemical that is formed from atoms that are taken from two different elements. Chemical bonds join the particles together. Their bond is so strong that they stick together and behave as...Read More

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Work is known to be the ability to do something. For example, when you try to lift something up from the ground, you are doing work. What you will use in order to do this type of work is energy. They actually go hand in hand together with the various things that you do. Even when you are...Read More

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The answer is A. They lower the energy of activation of a reaction by binding the substrate. The substrate is simply speaking the compound that the enzyme will break down. The enzyme is a reactive compound that can easily react with a particular complex compound (usually carbohydrates) an...Read More

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