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Staffing and recruiting are two essential functions of any human resources department. Having the best people in the perfect place at the right time is imperative for the sake of organizational efficiency. Recruitment is the process of attracting the appropriately qualified set of people to apply for a post in an organization. Staffing is the process of selecting, positioning, and retaining the individuals who apply for a job.

Staffing begins with the individual’s entry to the organization and continues through the course until the employee leaves the company. Recruitment is carried out at the initial stage of staffing. Recruitment is both an internal and external process. Staffing is a strictly internal process.

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B is the answer to this question. You only have to look at the table to determine what the proper answer will be. It is important that you will know the right sling size and the right sling capacity in order to provide what you need. It would be dangerous for everyone if you would use a sling size that is too small for the type of load that you are planning to carry.

Some try to do it in order to save up on time or money. For example, if there is only one sling size available and they need to get on with the tasks soon, they will not bother anymore. Always consider how important this will be to be sure.

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The correct answer is A) concealment offers physical protection. Concealing something or someone means to hide it completely. It is not in plain sight and it could be easily overlooked here. Camouflage, however, is meant to allow something to hide in plain sight. You’re supposed to be able to stand in camouflage and be seen as part of the local environment, not as yourself.

This can be a challenge if you’re not good at camouflaging yourself. However, concealing yourself will offer the better protection. This is why military snipers often use camouflage as part of their concealment. It makes them look like they belong, and it keeps them and their gun hidden. It’s also a useful distinction to make for fiction writers.

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What is the Formula used to determine the capacity of the sling according to the angle ? Please share it. Thanks

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The correct answer to this question is C, 60 degrees. This type of question would be found on tests and/or training courses for competent rigging. Both a machine and an action, rigging is the design and installation of equiment. Rigging machinary equipment include wire ropes, clevis, and cranes.

The system iself can include shackles and lifting bags. OSHA, which stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, regulates workplace safety, which includes rigging. Taking a rigging course, one will learn about the equipment, calculations and have hands on training, by planing, preparing, recording, developing, and executing a plan for rigging.

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Click on the cell meant for the result and there type =sum(d3:d5) press enter-key

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I disagree - people providing reference may not like their personal details being printed on CV as it is most likely go different places and in the hands of different people, therefore one should put 'reference available upon request'

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. Stamped by a professional engineer (p.e)

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