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Electronic Entertainment Expo Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The Last of Us is one of the games that people liked so much. The fact that it has a second version excites people. At the same time, it makes them anxious as there is always a possibility that the first one will be better. This second version has a lot to prove and there is a big possibility that it will not disappoint.

From the trailer, it is evident that Ellie is angry and rightfully so because of the events of the first game. She will remain to be feisty and will make the game much more interesting to play. If people would get hooked with the storyline the same way that they liked the first game, then it might succeed the former.

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When it comes to determining the exact date when Elder Scrolls 6 will be released one can only say that the game is still in the development stages. With that being said, one really cannot say exactly when Elder Scrolls 6 will be released to the gaming public. A teaser was released for the game at 2018 E3 but developer Todd Howard stated that the company has another game in the works along side of it named Starfield.

Howard stated that most of the energy of his company is focused on Starfield at the moment and the release of it so that can easily give gamers and the consumer public an inclination about Elder Scrolls 6. Howard even made the question a little more clearer when he said to the E3 crowd that Starfield is playable and that Elder Scrolls 6 is in the pre-production phase. It was back at 2016 E3 that Howard first stated that the early wheels had been turning as far as the development of Elder Scrolls 6 goes.

Howard also made note that more technology would be needed in order to get Elder Scrolls 6 to the optimal presentation that he and the company wants. With that being said, it could be several years before Elder Scrolls 6 is released to the public.

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In my opinion, being able to have two playable charachters in Assassins Creed: Odyssey will not stain or hamper any of the past storylines of past Assassins Creed games. It will only make the game more versatile and it could certainly open the door for more female gamers to become associated with playing the game with the introduction of the female charchter in Kassandra.

It is pretty evident that the developers of Assassins Creed: Odyssey were looking to have a new look and auora to the game and they certainly have done that with two playable charchters. The future is now and that is the mindset that was taken with the introduction of the playable charchters for Assassins Creed: Odyssey. With that being said, this new look will not bring any bad vibes to the Assassins Creed lineup of games and Odyssey will only be a game that will give the series some more staying power.

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Ellie is shown to be someone who is immune to some of the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world with the help of Joel. She and Joel had a close relationship but Ellie is being depicted as gay. This is a theme that is still not very common in computer games. One of the reasons why this has been done is probably because it shows how homosexuality is something that people know exist but are still unsure about.

Ellie’s character has immunity but has a lot of weaknesses. Homosexuality is considered “young” as compared to heterosexuality and the acceptance of the society in general.

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The hype behind Death Stranding is one that has been hot and heavy since the beginning of the year. The reason that there is so much hype is that with the veteran brains behind the story and with it trying to stay in line with other popular role playing games and the newer and more improved graphics, gamers are anxious and are ready to see what this game is all about.

Chatboards have been saying that Koijima Studios did not try to do any changing and stayed right on the regular course with Death Stranding. There are new charchters here but as far as overall gameplay goes, Death Stranding is no different than any other. There are gamers out there who say that the play of Death Stranding is somewhat similar to that of Metal Gear Solid which is argubaly the best gaming series that Koijima has put out.

The company has a solid marketing plan and they know that veering off course of what consumers want could prove to be the wrong thing to do. The hype is there for Death Stranding and the reason for that is that there are very killer graphics and the game play is no different than any other popular gaming system.

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