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Educational Technology Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Correct answer is option B. Technology becomes a tool that supports knowledge construction when used for producing organized, multimedia knowledge bases by learners. Technology is a very im...Read More

2 Answers

M. Klose, Content Writer
Answered: Oct 11, 2018
Technology has always been increasing throughout the years. In schools, teachers always do whatever they can to start incorporating technology into their lessons. Some lessons are easier to do...Read More

1 Answer

Yusuf Ganiyu Ajao, Content Writer
Answered: Jun 21, 2019

A. it is a profession composed of various job categories

1 Answer

John Adney, Content Writer
Answered: Oct 27, 2017

D. because this kind of practice lessens interaction capabilities of communication

1 Answer

John Adney, Content Writer
Answered: Jun 27, 2017

C.Consists of Designs that engage learner as well as engage learning

1 Answer

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