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Earth Layer Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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The layer of the Earth that is solid is the inner core. It is mostly made up of a solid ball of iron-nickel alloy and other elements with a radius of about 760 miles or 1, 220 kilometers. Though it is a solid layer, its temperature is as hot as the sun’s surface that is approximately 5,...Read More

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It's 84% exactly

why am i wrong?

Although the core and mantle are about equal in thickness, the core actually forms only15 percentof the Earth's volume, whereas the mantle occupies84 percent. The crust makes up the remaining1 percent.

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The answer to this is Mantle which is letter B in the choices. The mantle is located in between the crust of the earth and the outer core. The fact that it is rocky may contribute to its overall mass. This is known to have more mass than the other layers of the earth. The outer layer or the...Read More

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In this sentence "dense" means.....

- C. Closely compacted together

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The correct answer to this question is D, crust. This outer layer is hard and made of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. The crust is 1% of the Earth's volume. There are two different types of crust. The first is the continental crust, which is thich and under the land. The seco...Read More

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