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Drug Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Oxycodone and hydrocodone are narcotic drugs for pain-reliever. They are used to help people manage their pains. And it should be noted that, the two drugs do not totally remove pain sensation in the affected areas of the body, but they help reduce the pain so that the effect will not be too much on us. They are also used as cough suppressants. There are some differences between the two drugs. The first difference is that; they almost have the same chemical composition but there are still little differences in their compositions.

That's why, it will always be advised to see a doctor before using them so as to avoid any complications. Another thing is that, while oxycodone and hydrocodone have nearly the same side effects, hydrocodone tends to show a greater side effect of serious constipation. Hydrocodone is majorly common in the United States, while oxycodone is widely known.

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There is no big difference between Adipex and Phentermine. The little difference between the two types of drugs is that Phentermine is just like a generic name drug like Adipex, while Adipex is just a brand name under Phentermine. Phentermine is an older drug compared to Adipex. Both are used by patients who want to lose their weight. However, Phentermine is mostly prescribed by doctors to patients. Both types of drugs contain a substance called phentermine hydrochloride. This substance works by suppressing the appetite level in a person, that is why they are called appetite suppressant drugs.

When these two drugs are prescribed to you, you would still be advised to be engaging yourself in some exercises to fasten the process of weight loss. While Adipex contains phentermine hydrochloride, other brands of Phentermine are not made with the same composition as Adipex since they are manufactured by different companies.

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Weed and Pot are used as a psychoactive drug. Weed and Pot are also used for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes. The main compound found in weed and Pot is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They are produced from the female plant Cannabis sativa. Weed and Pot show a mixture of properties when consumed like depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens, but the most noticeable effect is hallucinations.

The most common changes that occur in a person after the consumption of weed or Pot is increased heart rate changed perception, drastic changes in the mood of an individual, and blood pressure is lowered, lack of concentration and coordination among organs, and short-term memory loss. The two differences between weed and Pot are as follows: a. Weed and Pot are two different names given to Marijuana. b. “Weed” is considered the ‘‘generic term’’ of Marijuana while “pot” is considered ‘‘slang term’’ of Marijuana.

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Antibiotics are required on the off chance that somebody becomes ill. Antibiotics are medicines that individuals purchase from a drug store. They will take these to treat infections. In any case, the medications have reactions or side effects. They may make you feel awful even though it should improve how you feel. A few herbs that are known for being regular antibiotics include garlic and oregano.

Garlic has a chemical in it that functions as an antibiotic and helps battle the infections, parasites and foreign agents in the body. A few people believe that garlic has a chemical in it similar to penicillin. Oregano is an herb that people put in spaghetti sauce and other foods. By that as it may, the oil of oregano can also help battle the infections in a body.

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Vicodin is known to be the combination of two different drugs - hydrocodone, a pain reliever, and acetaminophen (better known as Tylenol). Vicodin ES also contains acetaminophen, but instead of hydrocodone, this contains Hydrocodone Bitartrate. The main difference between the two is the proportion of the drugs that can be found.

Some of the risks of taking these medications and the possible side effects that will be experienced can vary slightly depending on the amount that will be taken by the person. It is always important to know the proper dosage so that it will not cause potential issues later on.

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OTC in health care stands for over the counter. Certain drugs can be bought over the counter. This means that you do not need a prescription to get the drugs. You walk into a pharmacy and take the drugs off of the shelf and purchase them at the cash register. Prescription drugs, on the other hand, require a prescription from a doctor.

Most of the time, if not all of the time, you would need to go to the doctor and have him, or she looks you over before writing you a prescription for a medicine that you have not taken before. Then the doctor will give you a piece of paper to take to the pharmacy. If you do not have one for that prescription drug, the pharmacist will not fill the medicine for you.

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Drug screen and drug test are two terms that have huge differences and can be so devastating if interchangeably used for each other. One major difference between these two is the time they take to be completed. Drug screening provides a faster result while drug testing can be slower oftentimes. Though drug screening is faster, it is also cheaper, but the drug test is slower and even more expensive. Drug screening is a technique that can be quickly used to review multiple samples, ideally.

Drug screen can be less selective and highly reactive. This makes it produce untrue results sometimes when it screens substances like ibuprofen and its metabolites, poppy seeds and OTC sinus medications. When this test screening is carried out, especially for amphetamines, it can come out with over 60 percent positive results, which can later be rendered negative when its drug test is carried out. Still, most laboratories go often for drug screening, that's actually because it's affordable and faster.

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Coinsurance and copay are types of insurance mechanisms. Aside from the fact that they are two types of insurance methods, there are some differences as to how both work. Coinsurance simply means the joint assumption of risks between the insurer and the insured, or the joint assumption of risks between two or more insurers. Coinsurance ensures that all loses are evenly shared by both the insurer and the insured or between two or more insurance companies.

In some cases, the losses are shared based on agreement or percentage. Copay, on the other hand, requires the insured to make the payment as the insurance company is delivering its services. This is like a fixed payment that must be paid before the various services of the insurer can be fully enjoyed. Coinsurance can also be seen as a form of health insurance in which the cost of service is shared by both the insurance company and the insured

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These two medications are commonly used to treat heartburn. Nexium is also known as esomeprazole and this can be used to treat heartburn. It will give immediate results. Zantac is known to be ranitidine. This comes with fewer side effects as compared to Nexium but it may not be used by some people especially if they are taking other drugs for other conditions.

While they can both treat heartburn, take note that Nexium is an inhibitor of the proton pump while Zantac is known as an H2 blocker. There are a lot of people who become extremely uncomfortable when they are experiencing heartburn. This is not considered to be serious but it can be very irritating to have. It can also stop you from doing your different tasks and activities.

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