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Drug Dosage Calculations Questions and Answers (Q&A)

John Adney
Answered: Oct 20, 2017

Formula for this please...i did a good guessed of the answer.

2 Answers

John Adney
Answered: Oct 21, 2017

I did not understand how this answer of 9 ml/hr. How did this conclusion come about?

1 Answer

T. Moore, Writer
Answered: Mar 07, 2019
The correct answer is option A – 36.7 mg/kg/day
First, the patients weight to kilograms (kg) from pounds (lbs).
120/2.2 = 54.54 kg
Every 6 hours patient receives 500 mg of...Read More

1 Answer

Nurse Khai Panda, Nurse
Answered: Oct 10, 2019
No, (1 oz = 30ml); (1 cup = 236.588ml) total oz = 13oz = 390ml total cup = 3cup = 709.764ml total fluid = 1099.764ml fluid restriction = 1000ml more...Read More

1 Answer

C. Perez, Writer
Answered: Apr 04, 2019
The answer to this is A. For those who do not know what this medication is, Biaxin is usually given to people who are suffering from bacterial infections. This time, the one who is infected is a...Read More

1 Answer

John Adney
Answered: Oct 05, 2017

Question is wrong. Tablets on hand should be in 50 mg not 0.05 mg

1 Answer

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