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Driving Questions and Answers (Q&A)

A lot of times when I drive, I like to listen to music. It is important to make sure that the volume of the radio or the music you’re listening to is set at a low volume because you are still required to hear emergency signals and sirens while you’re driving.

However sometimes people will drive from long distances and they will get tired but they still need to continue driving. So they will listen to songs on the radio or on a CD. This will help them stay awake. However sometimes songs are so lively in exciting that people want to dance to them. As long as you don’t dance to the song while driving it is not dangerous to do so.

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It is known that people should not drive drunk. There have been many fatalities due to car accidents caused by drunk drivers. Bars have stopped serving intoxicated people after the bartenders think they have consumed too much alcohol. Also, people usually have a designated driver who does not drink, who will drive them home. If I was with a friend who was drunk and they were to drive me home I would not get in the car with them.

Even if this was my only option, I still would not get in the car with them because it is very dangerous. I would call a taxi and the taxi would drive both my friend and me home.

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The answer to this is A. This will be best done if the central lane does not have any vehicles or if the vehicle is going to pass another vehicle that is going towards one direction. Do remember that there are some traffic rules that may change depending on the location.

It is best that you familiarize yourself with the different traffic rules in order to avoid potential problems in the long run. Getting traffic tickets can be highly expensive depending on the state that you are in. The other options will not allow the vehicle to travel in the center lane.

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Many people learn to drive a car directly from an older person that they trust and feel confident in the presence of. This might be a parent, grandparent, sibling or friend. If this method works for you it mightbe the best method to go by. If you find that you need a bit of help beyond this traditional you might find that taking a driver's education course will be beneficial. In this setting you can learn from an individual that is specifically trained to teach you how to drive.

You might also considered videos, manuals, or simulations that will help you learn all the rules of the road and prepare you to get out there behind the wheel for real. As with anything when learning to drive a car practice makes perfect. You must keep practicing until you have gained the skills and confidence to comfortably drive
a car.

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