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Driving Questions and Answers (Q&A)

There are many cars to choose from when you’re going to buy a car. Many people want a car that is easy to drive. I believe the easiest cars to drive are those that are not too big and not too small. This is because big cars are harder to maneuver. SUVs are known for rolling over so they cannot turn sharp corners quickly. Smaller cars may have trouble seeing around bigger cars. Therefore a good midsize car is probably the easiest to drive.

Also cars that have an automatic transmission are easier to drive than those cars that have a Manual transmission. I would think that a Honda or Toyota car would be the easiest to drive. That is because they are known for making good cars.

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Many people get worried as their parents get older that their parents cannot handle driving a car. Some people think that they should take their parents’ driver’s licenses away at a certain age. This usually angers the parents because they think they can drive just fine. However, the friends and children of these older people should make sure that their parents can drive right and safely. Sixty years old is such a young age to stop driving.

More teenagers get into accidents than senior citizens. Therefore, senior citizens just over 60 should not be banned from driving unless they have a record of getting into car accidents or driving recklessly. I don’t think there should be an age for people to stop driving as long as they drive safely.

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A conviction of analcohol related driving offence. This should be the answer.

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Driving on the highway is important to learn because there will almost always be times that you need to use the highway to get from one place to another. Usually people take the highway in order to get to a place far away. It seems like the most dangerous and difficult aspect of driving on the highway is merging.

If it is during rush hour traffic or if it is a main highway in a large city that it will be more difficult to merge safely onto the highway. In order to do this, the best way is to start looking and be ready to merge the second you are able to merge. If you wait till the last minute then you might have problems.

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Marijuana is a drug that has different side effects. Some people may be sleepy after they have used marijuana for period of time. Almost everyone feels hungry after using marijuana. Some side effects for people are different than others. No one should be high when they're driving no matter what the drug is. This is because it impairs their judgment and it also makes it more difficult for the driver to react.

They may be slower to react to something that is happening on the road than people who are not on drugs. Therefore, I do not believe that people drive better when they're high on marijuana or any other drug. People should be alert at all times while driving.

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AC stands for air conditioning. Most cars today have an air conditioner in them. If you have ever tried to start your air conditioner in your car with a car off, you may be aware that the air conditioner did not turn on. That is because air conditioner needs the engine running in order to work. If you believe your air conditioning unit in your car for a long time then it will burn a lot of gas. This is because the engine makes the air conditioning unit work.

Also, it takes gasoline or fuel to run the engine. Therefore, you should conserve your air conditioning unless you really need it because it eats up gas. If you are low on gas you need to turn off your air conditioning.

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I drive an automatic car. I have never driven a manual car before. A manual car means that it has a Manual transmission. This means that you have to shift gears and use a clutch with this type of car. A car with an automatic transmission shifts gears on its own. I believe that the car with the automatic transmission is much easier to drive. If you live in an area with a lot of hills then the car with the Manual transmission can easily roll back on a hill.

Also it is more difficult to learn how to drive a car with a Manual transmission. It seems that there are more wrecks with this type of car.

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Truck drivers are always needed because there is always a load a shipment to be sent to another place. Truck drivers usually make good money but they usually have to work a lot of hours. Truck drivers stay away from home for several days in a row. Sometimes they will stay away over the weekend and sometimes weeks at a time.

So the money for a truck driver is pretty good. There is not a lot of education or experience needed to become a truck driver. Truck drivers usually get trained on how to drive their truck and the company may require their truck drivers to have a high school diploma. Otherwise truck drivers do make a good living compared to other professions that require higher education.

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Customized license plates are the license plates on cars that have a message in them. Usually letters and numbers are placed on the license plate and they have some sort of meaning to them. It may be an expression or a phrase or even a word are two that is about the driver. Customized license plates were popular at one time but it seems that not as many people get these license plates now.

They do cost extra. Instead of getting a regular license plate sometimes people will get a license plate that has a word or phrase on it that means something important to them. However I do think that it is lame to get customized license plates because you can get a bumper sticker and it has the same effect.

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I have never experienced highway hypnosis because when I drive I usually have something to drink with me. The strike is usually something that has caffeine and it to keep me awake. Plus, I also listen to music while I’m driving for long distances. Highway hypnosis is where you are driving for long period of time and your eyes seem to get tired when you’re staring at the road.

One way to avoid this is to take a lot of breaks and do not plan a trip by yourself for a long period of time. You can have someone ride with you and they can share in the driving. Then while they are driving you can be taking a break or sleeping in the car so that you are rested when you have to drive.

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