Driving Test Questions and Answers

People who drive know that driving is an art. You need to know of all the basics as well as the standard rules on the roads in order to be safe for yourself and others. There are many times that ...

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I think that I should leave the lights off in day time and turn them in at night time

2 Answers

A flashing yellow light may be seen when driving through the streets. Most of the time, the lights that are seen include stable green, yellow and red which means that those colors stay the same ...

2 Answers

No vehicles carrying explosives

1 Answer

Not assume the other driver will make space for you to return to your lane.

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Steer in the opposite direction of the skid

You should not brake hard. Ease off the gas, and shift into neutral. Slow down gradually. Do not hit the brakes. You will make the skid worse. ...

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The OUI fifth offense can land you with a fine of $2000 to $5000 fine and cam result in a lifetime suspension of your license. It can also lead to 2-5 years in prison. The fifth offense is ...

2 Answers

Signal 100 feet before turning right at an upcoming intersection

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