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Dragon Ball Questions and Answers (Q&A)

My favorite Dragon Ball Z character Vegeta because he the very last surviving prince of the Saiyan people. He is from the fourth generation that stems from the royal bloodline so he is very important. He is close to his partner Nappa.

They travel to earth in search of the Dragon Balls which get very interesting. I just like him very much and think that he's the best character of all of them. I am always rooting him on.

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The very worst villain in Dragon Ball Z is Jiren, or at least I think so. He is the strongest villain, for sure. Vegeta and Goku even have trouble with Jiren. Jiren is just way too strong.

He is the one that everyone fears. and the final showdown revolves around Universe 11’s Jiren due to his mighty powers. When it comes to being the worst because he is so hard to fight, it just has to be Jiren.

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The best villain in my opinion is Jiren. He is the strongest which makes him the most feared. I mean, you can be bad but not big enough to back it. I would fear Jiren the most out of anyone.

He is big and also strong and those 2 things make for a powerful enemy. Jiren is also cunning in my opinion. He's not your average villain but one to be fear above all the others. So, I believe it is safe to say that Jiren is the best or the worst villain in the game.

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The strongest super Saiyan is Goku, in my opinion. His very first transformation into a Super Saiyan makes for him a pivotal point and a turning point for the entire Dragon Ball series as a whole. It was after his hair turned blonde thought that he was in for the duration with no turning back.

He got a massive boost of power when he fought Frieza on Namek. He gained the ability, and that is why he is the strongest. Had he not gained power, the answer might be quite different but...he did. That made everything turn around for him. Goku is the strongest, and I believe most would agree on that one.

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The doctor, Dr. Gero created the perfect cell, that is, by absorbing two of his previous creations, which were 17 and 18. The perfect battery is also the one that's the primary antagonist designed to, of course, be complete. The perfect cell is from the future.

He awakens after he is developed. When he awakes, he finds out that the Androids have miraculously been destroyed. The Trunks have destroyed them, come to find out.

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Yes. Vegeta was a very powerful super Saiyan. Vegeta was even more potent than Goku, which says a whole lot. Vegeta never compromises though. He never loses his cool either.

The only thing that Vegeta only falls as the victim too is the loss of one's tail, which is not a bad thing. Vegeta is mighty in super Saiyan and every other place and game as well. Vegeta is my favorite character because of what he represents.

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Dragon Ball became hugely popular and even the creator, Akira Toriyama, didn't also see it coming. It all began 10-15 years ago when it debuted. The exact reason for the popularity is not known. It was new and different and just caught on like wildfire.

Being a story of substance didn't hurt it either. It still has some popularity all these years later too, which is simply amazing. No one can say why, but it is very popular.

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I do like the Dragon Ball series. It is exciting to me, and I love the storyline too. I think the creator is very creative and imaginative. I like many of the characters, almost all of them. I even have all the books. I read them over and over because there is always something new to figure out or discover.

I think this is one of the best imaginative works in the past 20 years or so. As you can see, I am a big fan and like the series very much and think anyone who gives it a try will love it as well.

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The best Dragon Ball movie was Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. In it, Vegeta was lured to the planet of New Vegeta. This was completed by a group of Saiyan survivors who were hoping he'd be the king of the new planet.

The problem was when he found out they had something else in mind, an ulterior motive, it all changed around. They wanted universal domination. So, Vegeta had to fight the legendary Super Saiyan, which was awesome.

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Yamcha has been killed twice...he died twice, you might say. In this series, that in no way means it is the end for him because characters can be killed more than once. He's doing pretty good though because Android 17 died two times also you might count that he died four times total if you count the timelines separately. The storyline gets very intense, and you don't want to watch because he might die again for all you know.

They can die multiple times, so one death is never final That keeps every fan on the edge of his seat, which is what this series is right about. So, Yamka has been killed twice and died twice, but he could undoubtedly die again and still be in the series. That is how Dragon Ball Z works, and it is fascinating to watch it all unfold and to keep up with the storyline behind it all.

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