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Donald Trump Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Donald Trump’s father is Fred Trump. In 1927, Fred Trump would have been 21 years old. He was born in 1905 and died in 1999. He was a real estate developer just like his son, Donald Trump. An article was released about Fred Trump’s arrest in the 1920s. Even though there may be more than one Fred Trump at the time, this Fred Trump was living at the house with the same address as the known address of Donald Trump’s father. At the time of the arrest, the KKK were attending and protesting against police officers.

When they refused to leave, some of the people at the parade were arrested. It is not known definitely that Fred Trump was a member of the KKK, but that he was one of the seven people who were arrested for refusing to disperse.

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Donald Trump is worth over three billion dollars as of now. He built his empire over the course of several decades. Usually, a person who is self-made means that he or she made their money on their own without receiving money as an inheritance or gained their money through their family. In this case, it is difficult, Trump did take after his father who was also a real estate developer and made lots of money doing the same thing that Donald Trump did during his life to make the billions that he made.

However, Donald Trump did earn most of his money on his own by developing real estate. In a sense, the president is a self-made billionaire in that he made his own money even if his father was in the same business.

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Since Trump’s inauguration, the likelihood that anyone in the Democratic Party would be in favor of another Republican president is very slim. Conflict and tension has risen between the two political parties especially towards the president every day it seems. I believe at first Democrats were happier with Mike Pence than Donald Trump, but I am not sure if the feelings have remained the same after a year in office. The tension has been building to the point that the Democratic Party would prefer only a Democrat to take the office.

I do believe that if Mike Pence took the presidential office due to the impeachment of Donald Trump, the Democratic Party would question and be upset with the actions of Mike Pence as well.

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Since the inauguration of Donald Trump as president, the economy in the United States has increased without a doubt. The stock market has proved that. The Dow Jones industrial average has increased and stocks have been increasing in value which provides money to the stockholders. Even though it is believed that only the rich would benefit from the stock market, the average people who own stocks either through retirement plans and other tools would benefit as well.

Unemployment has gone down and more and more jobs are becoming available. When Trump started making America great again, he planned and has enforced to an extent moving jobs from American companies back to the U.S. instead of outsourcing them to countries overseas.

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Any time someone makes a general statement that is negative or stereotypical about a group of people or about a country is usually wrong. When Trump remarked about countries in Africa using a derogatory term for them, he upset many people. They should be upset since words were merely said without proof. There are many poor countries in this world and there are many poor cities and places in this world including in the United States.

It is difficult to hear the president speak rudely and in a racist way about countries that he really does not know a lot about. Plus, he needs to visit those countries in order to make remarks about them. However, no remarks should be racist no matter what.

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At the rate Donald Trump is going, he will probably not be re-elected for president of the United States. His ratings are falling even with those who had voted for him. Even though Trump came into the presidency and made many changes, one of his changes would have to work and show the public that it is making great results. It is difficult to make results of changes within such a short period of time, but if that could happen, Trump would have a greater chance of making the 2020 presidency for re-election.

Another factor that will determine if President Trump is re-elected in 2020 is the other candidates that will be running against him. If there are a few new people running in 2020 that may make voters choose another candidate for presidency.

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Over time, the media has become less neutral in their news reporting. At first, the media was made to report the facts without any bias or opinion. However, that has all changed and it began prior to Donald Trump being elected.

When watching the news on television or reading about it in the newspaper, there are times when you see the media print a retraction or correction due to the facts being wrong. Sometimes, the accidents are done intentionally and sometimes not. In the case of Donald Trump, there are times when the news media prints information intentionally wrong in order to sell the news easier. Donald Trump, on the other hand, does not help matters when he started from the very beginning for calling out the news media for their shortcomings.

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In the United States, people are arrested and tried in court by a jury of their peers based on evidence and testimony for a crime that was believed to be committed by the suspect. Therefore, only people who were found guilty or pleaded guilty to the crime should be arrested and thrown in jail for their crimes. That is the basis and the methods that have been used in the United States for many years.

Unless the laws are changed, then Donald Trump should only be thrown in jail for sexual assault if he is found guilty in a court of law. No other person would be sent to prison without going through the legal process. If accusations were made against Trump, then the proper procedure should be enforced immediately.

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Donald Trump’s Mexican Wall plan has been one of his first actions he wanted to do when he was campaigning for presidency. The Mexican president was totally against the idea and especially for paying for it. However, only time will tell whether the Mexican wall will be built and if it will do what Trump thinks it will do. A wall may increase people coming into the United States due to the anger of it being put up.

However, if the wall is built and the rules of immigration are enforced, then over time it may be beneficial and make it a habit for immigrants to use the proper channels of living in the United States. In this case, the wall might be beneficial but it all depends on how it is enforced.

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Pertaining to the legalities of their marriage, Donald and Melania Trump got married on January 22, 2005 at a church in Palm Beach, Florida. They had many celebrities there who attended to witness the marriage. Most likely, their marriage was done in the proper way with a marriage certificate. In regard to the whether their marriage is like a true marriage, it is difficult to determine that. However, a high profile couple such as the Trumps would have difficulty sustaining a normal life and normal marriage due to the stress of marriage and politics.

Any time added stress enters a marriage, there is going to be trouble. Also, sometimes, people will stay married because it is what is best for the current situation.

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