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Donald Trump Questions and Answers (Q&A)

I think the odds of Donald Trump being impeached are very good, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. Trump is the worst President we have ever had and I hope after the 2018 mid-term elections there will be enough Democrats elected to the House of Representatives so there will be enough votes to impeach him.

He lies to the American people numerous times per day and his policies to roll back environmental regulations are disgusting, not to mention his inhumane policies to separate children from their families at our Southern border. Robert Muller – please hurry up!

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The sanction that President Donald Trump put on North Korea is actually meant for countries who plan to do business with North Korea. It was on September 21, 2017 when President Trump signed an executive order targeting countries who will do trade with North Korea as an aim to isolate and de-nuclearize the regime. He was quoted saying that, “It is unacceptable that others financially support this criminal rouge regime.”

The executive order will cut off any country who will help North Korea from access to the United States financial system, freeze their assets, or both, whichever is deemed best. President Trump was also quoted saying that, “I’m very proud to tell you that, as you may have just heard moments ago, China, their central bank has told their other banks – that’s a massive banking system – to immediately stop doing business with North Korea.”

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Melania Trump is the only one who knows if she loves her husband, Donald Trump. It would be easy to understand if she did not love him because of all the times he has cheated on her. We know he has cheated on her with an adult film star and a playboy bunny.

There were also all those other women who came forward during his campaign. Another reason she may not love him is that he is a very selfish man. I think she stays with him for the sake of their son, Barron. Barron just turned twelve years old in March of 2018.

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There are certain characteristics of dementia that Donald Trump is showing or that may qualify him to have early onset dementia. These include his age and the words he uses when he speaks. At 71 years old, Donald Trump’s age does fall into the age range of early onset dementia. Also, the words he speaks in his speeches or rallies includes many simple words. Dementia affects people which causes them to forget proper nouns and use only common nouns. However, it is not sure whether he has poor speaking skills or it is a form of dementia.

Also, Donald Trump’s doctor conducted a full physical on the president. In his report, he gave the president a clean bill of health and did not mention that the president is suffering from early onset dementia.

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The draft was a process that would take place during wars. Since not enough men would volunteer to serve in the military during a time of war and the United States needed more soldiers to fight against the enemy, the government would enforce the draft. There are ways in which people can legally and illegally avoid the draft. Legally, people could be deferred by health reasons and educational reasons. If someone was going to college, they could avoid the draft.

Illegally, people would avoid the draft by running away or hiding in another country. Donald Trump did not serve in the Vietnam War. It is believed that Trump was able to avoid serving in the military by being in college and a minor injury.

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In 1973, Donald Trump was sued by the Department of Justice. This was due to racial discrimination. During the 1970s, a test was conducted in which a black woman walked into Trump’s apartment complex and asked the manager about the availability of their apartments. The manager said that none were available, but when a white woman entered the office of the complex shortly after the black woman, this woman was shown availability with a couple of apartments. Donald Trump denied the allegations and settled out of court.

Most likely, Trump did not admit to any guilt in the matter and was told to turn in the apartments that were available each week to the organization responsible in New York for African Americans for the next couple of years.

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Donald Trump’s father is Fred Trump. In 1927, Fred Trump would have been 21 years old. He was born in 1905 and died in 1999. He was a real estate developer just like his son, Donald Trump. An article was released about Fred Trump’s arrest in the 1920s. Even though there may be more than one Fred Trump at the time, this Fred Trump was living at the house with the same address as the known address of Donald Trump’s father. At the time of the arrest, the KKK were attending and protesting against police officers.

When they refused to leave, some of the people at the parade were arrested. It is not known definitely that Fred Trump was a member of the KKK, but that he was one of the seven people who were arrested for refusing to disperse.

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Donald Trump is worth over three billion dollars as of now. He built his empire over the course of several decades. Usually, a person who is self-made means that he or she made their money on their own without receiving money as an inheritance or gained their money through their family. In this case, it is difficult, Trump did take after his father who was also a real estate developer and made lots of money doing the same thing that Donald Trump did during his life to make the billions that he made.

However, Donald Trump did earn most of his money on his own by developing real estate. In a sense, the president is a self-made billionaire in that he made his own money even if his father was in the same business.

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Since Trump’s inauguration, the likelihood that anyone in the Democratic Party would be in favor of another Republican president is very slim. Conflict and tension has risen between the two political parties especially towards the president every day it seems. I believe at first Democrats were happier with Mike Pence than Donald Trump, but I am not sure if the feelings have remained the same after a year in office. The tension has been building to the point that the Democratic Party would prefer only a Democrat to take the office.

I do believe that if Mike Pence took the presidential office due to the impeachment of Donald Trump, the Democratic Party would question and be upset with the actions of Mike Pence as well.

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Since the inauguration of Donald Trump as president, the economy in the United States has increased without a doubt. The stock market has proved that. The Dow Jones industrial average has increased and stocks have been increasing in value which provides money to the stockholders. Even though it is believed that only the rich would benefit from the stock market, the average people who own stocks either through retirement plans and other tools would benefit as well.

Unemployment has gone down and more and more jobs are becoming available. When Trump started making America great again, he planned and has enforced to an extent moving jobs from American companies back to the U.S. instead of outsourcing them to countries overseas.

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