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Domain And Range Questions and Answers (Q&A)

John Adney
Answered: Jul 02, 2017
Is 8,4 representing x, y or a range of y from 4 to 8 ??? I am not understanding the question but figured the answer was B since it had two answers to match the give range but subbing in 8 f...Read More

2 Answers

John Adney
Answered: Nov 30, 2017

The domain is the set of x-values, not a singular x-value

very poorly worder

1 Answer

John Adney
Answered: Oct 13, 2017

It's answer is 8,2 is correct,not 2,6 is correct answer in this question

1 Answer

John Adney
Answered: May 03, 2017
Can someone explain the steps on how you got number 2

1 Answer

John Adney
Answered: Jul 31, 2017

Y= -8x+20

8x= -4+20

8x= 16/ 8

x= 2

1 Answer

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