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DNA is the abbreviation for DeoxyriboNucleic acids. DNA usually takes active roles during human formation because it contains genetic information that can be passed from one generation to another. The reason why some traits in your family which were very visible in the older generations are...Read More

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It is true that identical twins form from one egg. They share some similarities when it comes to their DNA but fingerprints cannot be considered entirely as a genetic characteristic. This means that there are different factors that may affect the formation of any person’s fingerprints....Read More

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I think that the DNA will code for a different protein. Because if you switch up one of the Nitrogen bases of the codon it will most likely make a different type of protein.

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Enhancers and promoters are associated with genes. If you are near the transcriptional start site, then you will probably find the promoter. However, genes have enhancers throughout them. With the gene expression, enhancers will enhance them. That is why they are named the enhancers. Promoters,...Read More

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The answer is D.) The DNA molecule will code for a different protein. The severity of the effect will be different depending on the mutation. An example is a missense mutation, it is when the cause of a substitute is a same amino acid. The function and structure of the protein are less...Read More

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Actually, I'd consider this to be anaphase (if we don't count prometaphase). Interphase is definitely not part of the mitotic phases if you consult the cell cycle.

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Bruh its mot anaphase is suppose to be metaphase cause the other question was the same thingggggg

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This process is called conjugation... one of three horizontal gene transfer types in prokaryotes.

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Evaluate Progress
Terminate the Incident
Plan the response
Implement the planned response
Analyze the incident

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This picture shows a replication fork with leading and lagging strands, making this DNA replication, not RNA transcription. So, the base would be dTTP, not UTP, since this is DNA not RNA.

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