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Distance Questions and Answers (Q&A)

A. Cook, English Professor
Answered: Sep 03, 2019
The words farthest and furthest are commonly misused in written sentences as they sound similar to some. To give you an explanation when you need to use these words, here are their differences....Read More

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R. Barnes, Analyst
Answered: Jun 13, 2019
Further and farther are two words which might literally have the same meaning when you are talking about distance. When you look at the two words, the only difference you will first point out, is...Read More

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Answered: Sep 09, 2017
2 hours. How can James take longer driving the hill even though he is driving 10 mph faster than going back up the hill? Also, the question should be changed to howlongdid he drive down the road,...Read More

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N. Kingsley, Writer
Answered: Sep 13, 2018
There are many factors to be considered to determine how long it will take to get to mars. Mars is the second closest to the earth after Venus. The distance between Earth and Mars is not...Read More

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Answered: Nov 01, 2017
There are 1.609344 kilometers in a mile. It is because as agreed internationally in 1959, length of one foot is defined as 30.48 cm in metric system and there are 5280 feet in 1 mile, that makes...Read More

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Answered: Nov 07, 2017
The metric system is used by almost every country in the world. There are only three countries that do not including the United States. The metric system uses a meters, liters and grams on a...Read More

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