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I stated that loss of sight is a symptom of MS and this app marked me wrong. That is baloney! Loss of eyesight was the symptom when I got optic neuritis which was my very first severe exacerbation. I wasked almost totally blind and couldn't even drive.

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Both B and D

When infected bodily fluids enter the bloodstream of another person AND
Through sharing needles, unprotected sexual intercourse, an open sore

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The correct answer to this question is C, Secreted slime layer. Pili are appendages, which resemble hair. They can be found on archaea and bacteria. The word pili can also refer to the composition of pilin proteins. These proteins are oligomeric. Many bacteria and viruses use the pili as a way...

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A goitre is one of the most common thyroid disorders. In this disease, the thyroid gland causes our neck to swell and become enlarged. However, they are harmless.

Goitre mainly occurs when we eat foods such as soybeans, rutabaga, cabbage, and peanuts. The chances of suffering...

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Jugular vein distention
2. Dyspnea
3. Crackles
4. Tachycardia

Signs and symptoms of left-sided heart failure include dyspnea, orthopnea, JVD, tachycardia, crackles and paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea; fatigue; nonproductive cough and crackles

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Imagine running down the road when an attacker comes up behind you. He hits you over the head with a heavy piece of wood. You survive and go to the hospital. The doctors inform you that you now suffer from Flaccid Dysarthria due to the traumatic injury.

The Flaccid Dysarthria which...

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None of the above. There is no cognitive impairment is the 1st stage of AD. Many do not know they have the disease and doctors and family members do not notice any new onset cognitive deficits because they do not exist in this early stage.

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The correct answer to this question is A, Folliculitis decalvans. This is a form of alopecia, which is the loss of hair. Folliculitis decalvans involves scarring. Redness and swelling will occur around the follicle. These symptoms lead to permanent hair loss, for they destroy the...

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is assessed to influence 32 million persons in the USA and is the third driving reason for death in the country. Patients normally ... The result is airflow obstruction that isn't completely reversible.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease...

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