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Digestion Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The cause of paralytic ileus is stopping of movement food from the stomach called

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Functions are to reabsorbed water and nutrients from digestive waste, and to get rid of waste... Not sure about this, think its excretion.

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Hole D is the answer to this question. Hole D comes with Amylase and this is a type of enzyme that is in charge of exchanging the starch that we get from food into sugar. This type of substance can already be found in saliva which means that the moment that we eat something, the amylase will already start digesting the food that we eat.

This is also true for other mammals. Take note that Amylase can also be present in the blood but the amount should be just enough. There are certain conditions that can make the amylase that is found in the body higher than usual such as a pancreatic disorder.

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Bile salts or otherwise known as bile acid are located in mammals. They are found in their bile. There are two types of these bile acids. They are called the primary bile acids and the secondary bile acids. The bile salts come from the production of the bile acids. This is done by mixing the acids with glycine. Glycine is found in the liver. Then it makes the salts from this mixture and comes out as the bile salts.

There is the effect of boiling on the activity of lipase. However, if there are four test tubes set up as they are shown in the picture to investigate the effect of bile salts and the impact of boiling on the activity of the lipase, then the tubes that affect the boiling would be 3 and 4.

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There are many ways to improve digestion. First of all, you can add probiotics to your diet, which includes yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha. Hydration plays a significant part in facilitating the digestive process. Actually, the entire digestive process depends on the consumption of water. An excellent way to improve digestion is to maintain a diet high in fiber.

Fiber helps to support the movement of food through our digestive system. Your diet should include fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods. Also, getting regular exercise can help aid the digestion process, as well as the natural elimination process.

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States that fats, fatty acids and glycerol are defused in to the lacteals.

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