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Diabetes Questions and Answers (Q&A)

I think diabetes 2 is developed due to genetic and lifestyle factors

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The main difference between the two is the level of ketones that can be found in the blood. Also, ketosis can be achieved by people who want to lose weight, while ketoacidosis usually affects those with diabetes. Ketosis is known to have both good and bad effects on the body. It will cause the body to metabolize faster, and it will also use fat to burn energy.

There are some side effects of achieving ketosis though such as having bad breath and feeling fatigued. Ketoacidosis is known to be one of the complications that may arise because of having Type 1 Diabetes. This may happen when the person is unable to have enough insulin at the right time. Those who are undergoing ketoacidosis may suddenly lose consciousness because of things that are happening to the body. It is best to know more about ketosis if you want to lose weight.

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There are some reports that Diabetes now has a third type. People are still not aware of this and they do not have much knowledge about this yet. Type 3c Diabetes is said to be a type of Diabetes that can be attributed to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Basically, this type of Diabetes makes the body forget about producing insulin that the body needs in order to regulate blood sugar levels. While there is still not enough information about this in order to prove that this type already exists, people are saying this early that this type of Diabetes may be treatable. It should be detected early as it may become fatal for some people.

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It is certainly a tough ask. Both types of diabetes are harmful in their own ways. The type of diabetes that is more dangerous is a circumstantial matter. To explain that, you need to first understand both types of diabetes. People with Type 1 diabetes have a pancreas that is unable to create insulin and require frequent insulin injections to live, Type 2, on the other hand, have low insulin in their bodies and their cells are resistant to the insulin protein and they may or may not require insulin injections.

To be honest, people with Type 2 diabetes can control their diabetes symptoms by exercising properly and avoiding sugars and hence have a slight advantage over their Type 1 cousins. Type 1’s are at risk if they are in an environment without access to their daily dosage of insulin. Type 1 diabetes is overall harder to control. It requires a high level of self-regulation and slip-ups in diets and eating habits can have grave consequences. Both types of diabetes are equally harmful if the patient doesn’t take care of themselves and sugar comas are a common occurrence among diabetics who fail to regulate themselves.

Overall, no diabetes is dangerous if it is taken care of properly. You can stay alive, well, happy and healthy if you resist the temptation of eating every chocolate cake you see.

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It's because of the influence of the drug companies on medical training that physicians and the public have come to believe that diabetes is incurable. Think of the money that is made maintaining diabetes. However, many people have cured their diabetes. Watch the documentary "Simply Raw". I have had several patients and friends reverse their diabetes.

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There are more and more people who are being diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes that people are beginning to say that Diabetes is becoming a common condition when it should not be common. The exact cause of Diabetes is not known but there are some people who develop this condition because of genetics. There are also some who develop this because of obesity.

If people would become more careful about the food that they eat, they can possibly prevent this condition. Take a look at the food that you eat. Are you eating enough greens? If all that you are eating are considered unhealthy, you are increasing your risk of developing Diabetes. You would not want this as this can definitely shorten the longevity of your life.

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Insulin is a hormone that lets cells throughout the human body, predominantly in the liver and in the muscles, to absorb glucose and utilize it to generate energy. Insulin resistance interferes with that absorption, and it can lead to the development of prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance has a strong genetic factor. Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome in which the body has high sugar levels for prolonged periods.

Insulin resistance is a pathological disorder in which cells fail to respond to the hormone insulin. The body processes insulin when glucose starts to be released into the bloodstream, primarily from the breakdown of carbohydrates within the diet. Insulin resistance makes it difficult for the body to utilize fat for energy. Limiting carbs can be helpful.

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Today, numerous individuals have diabetes and hypertension. All together for these a huge number of patients to deal with their infection, they should take general care of their vital signs, as prescribed by their doctors.

The present strategies, (for the most part a longitudinal paper log) for catching vital sign estimations are bulky, badly arranged and don't offer any sort of direct association amongst patients and doctors. Much of the time the gathered data doesn't get dealt with maybe until the point that their next office visit which might be 3 months away, which may decrease the capacity of the doctor to offer convenient administrations.

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Do you want to increase your sensitivity to insulin? There are various things you can do to make that possible. First of all, you need to get more sleep. Sleeping will allow your body to recover from stress. You will allow your body to replenish lost cells and so much more. Without enough sleep, you are putting a toll on your body.

You also need to lessen your stress. If there are stressful situations that you are going through, you can distance yourself first or find ways to de-stress. You can also exercise more as this can improve your blood’s circulation and your overall body weight. These small changes can make a huge difference.

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It is a well-known fact that Diabetes can change a lot of things in both men and women. If men were able to have sex easily before, it would not be possible once they are diagnosed with Diabetes. There will be times when they would be unable to perform. It can also be very tricky for women. They have to check if they are fit enough to have sex.

If their blood sugar levels are too high or too low, this may be a sign that something is wrong with them. Some women will also notice that they have problems with the lubrication of their vagina. They may need lubricants when they would have sex with their partners. Overall, people’s sexual drive when they have diabetes is reduced.

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