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The real question is thatwe assume of being only one mole, but how do they really know that someone else is a mole since they throw their blame on the others?Like why does Albert accuses Bertie, Bertie accuses Cedric and Cedric denying Bertie's sentence. That would mean that Cedric is the only one who was defending himself while the other two kept on throwing the blame to get rid of accusations.

If I go on Cedric Statement then Bertie's statement becomes nule and the only Valid Answers remain of Albert's and Cedric and that would cover the requirement of "Assuming that moles lie, other agents tell the truth, and there is just one mole among the three"

But.... if we go back on my previous question I'd say that both Albert and Bertieare the moles. Albert blames one of the moles just to get clean and provide more info, while Bertie tries to do the same trick with Cedric, but fails since Cedric is smarter and knows himself not being the mole.

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First: there is no mail on Sunday in most places. Some packages still run, but letters and the like do not come on Sunday. The wife is the one who is arrested.

Fun fact: this would be considered a crime of passion. While there are few details given, it can be inferred that it was bloody. From the story the wife told, it seems as though she didn’t have a chance to get her story straight. Often, when someone is found the next day, and the person who committed the murder is still there, it is hard for them to get a story together.

However, if this is in a place where mail does run on Sunday: how does she know all of this if she was asleep when her husband was murdered?

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Bertie, 100% proven and indisputable.

Consider the criteria given:
1. The mole's statement must be false.
2. All agents' statements must be true.
3. Only one of the three is the mole.

Now consider each of the scenarios:
Albert is the mole. Bertie and Cedric are telling the truth.
Bertie is the mole. Albert and Cedric are telling the truth.
Cedric is the mole. Albert and Bertie are telling the truth.

The first scenario cannot be true, as Bertie says that Cedric is the mole and Cedric says that Bertie is lying. They both cannot be telling the truth. Effectively eliminates this scenario.

The third scenario cannot be true, as Albert says that Bertie is the mole and Bertie says that Cedric is the mole. Only one person can be the mole. Not this one.

The second scenario fits: Albert says that Bertie is the mole. Cedric says that Bertie is lying about his statement, that Cedric is the mole. It fits all the criteria and therefore is true.

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From what I read there's no Adam in the description of the text? If so then who is Adam? The answers are tricky lmao.

Anyways the numbers represent an element from Mendeleev Table. If you search them up by their position, you will simply see Felice / Nicolas.

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If you sum up:

6+4=10 => 10=J

6+4+9=19 => 19=S

6+4+9+10=29 => 29=3=C (after finishing the alphabet restart counting the letters)

6+4+9+10+11=40=> 40=14=N (after finishing the alphabet restart counting the letters)

Now if we just arrange the numbers we shall see two possibilities.

- 3 10 19 14 - C J S N ( See Jason - read each letter one by one)

-10 19 3 14 - J S C N ( Jay - shortcut for Jason - scene )

Which both conclude that Jason would be the murderer.

At least that's how I reached to such conclusion.

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The wife, obviously. If her husband was sleeping besides her, then how she hadn't felt him struggling to death if she was sleeping?Putting aside the fact that she knew what everyone was gonna do since she could just say "but that's what I told them to do today." or "that's what they do everyday."

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