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Dell isn't one to advertise much but when they do, they go all out. They spent 3.5 million on Spider Man ads and there were only a couple of them. But for the most part, they rely on word of mouth. Some say that they don't need to spend their money advertising but should spend advertising money on making better products. Others think their products are so good, they don't need to advertise.

Why Dell doesn't advertise has never been really been said, just speculated on. Perhaps they don't feel they need to but the company sure has had some lean times that extra sales could have possibly solved. All in all though, everyone does seem to know who they are across the entire world and people already have formed an opinion, good or bad, so advertising might be pointless.

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Dell actually has the right to go public if they want to. Is it the right thing to do? That's a different story entirely. It seems a bit greedy to some and against company ethics as well. But, they do have the right to do so. In fact, they are going public because it was just announced by a company representative.

Dell going public isn't such a bad thing, not even for its investors. They can now take part in a deeper investment strategy and can have the potential to make even more. Some will want to and will take advantage of investments such as the public trading of VMware where others wil not and will remain very unhappy about Dell going public. Like most things, it's a divided stand.

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Dell came on the scene in 1984, Over the years, they have certainly sold their share of computers, both desktops and laptops. They have place third again in laptop sales. Dell sells an average of millions of laptops every year. Their laptops generally have a life of 3-5 years. They have definately had their ups and downs.

While there are some thngs the company could improve on, they remain a leader and on average sell the third most laptops in the world. Their customer service is great and their reviews are genrally fairly positive. The company is based in Texas and they have just gone public after having been public initally, then going private.

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Dell sponsors gaming events. The Alienware side of the company is big on gaming and therefore Dell has said they have agreed to become a multi year sponsor. They will do so with Riot Games. They are behind the sponsorship of League of Legends which is a popular game with avid gamers and one that is huge in gaming events.

Riot Games and League of Legends have now teamed up, promising to be a big hit for gamers across the world. Gaming events have become about as popular as national sports are. They can be seen on Twitch TV which is becoming very popular as well for a platform to play on, watch, and socialize on too.

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Dell is known to not have good batteries but contrary to their tarnished reputation, they actually are pretty good in some of their models. They have a 10 hour in between charge in many of them. The 8th genration Intel has a very good battery life. The 2-in-1 Latitude 7390, however, is not getting good reviews for its power source.

There are ways that the battery life can be extended. Dell is good about coaching on how to do such things. The night light option can be turned off and it will save power. All in all, there are Dell laptops that have great battery lives and some that practically have none at all so it is imperative to read the reviews of each different make and model in order to determine if a particular one does have a good battery...or not.

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Dell was established on February 1, 1984, in Austin, Texas. Since it was started, Dell has been on the forefront of new technology and many advancements in the field. They do more than just make technological advances, they also do repairs and so much more.

Their current headquarters is in Round Rock, Texas. The company was started by Michael Dell, who was a 19 year old student at the University of Texas in Austin. He was a pre-med student, who had a vision for how technology and advancements should work. With only one thousand dollars, his vision came to life, and started a multi-billion dollar company.

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Dell monitors are among some of the most bought in the world. They have many different size monitors to choose from. The monitors are also very easy to customize, and they are also very easy to personalize.

The prices are also very popular among many, being some of the most cost-effective monitors on the market. These can be purchased online or in many different stores around the country. Many of these monitors are also sold world-wide.

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Currently, Michael Dell owns 82% of VMware. Of that portion, 50% is held by owners of the tracking stock DVMT. The other 32% is held by founder Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake, the owners of Dell's DHI. The remaining 18% of VMware is publicly traded By having publicly traded stock, you could have an opportunity, and a good chance to own a piece of the Dell corporation. For a price, you can buy as many shares as you want (and are available on the market to be purchased).

Since it is a publicly traded company, a little research online, or a call to a stockbroker can give you all the information you need. Each share is bought separately, so you need to become familiar with the price, and also the risks involved.

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Dell is involved in a lot of technology. They are remaining on the cutting edge of technology by tracking what the current trends are. Right now they are investing and working in developing for IT, Workplaces, and so much more. Security is one of the main features of their technological drive, as they are all working for a more secure connection,and keeping the information that we are storing on our devices safe.

There is quite a bit that they are able to do, and a quick search of their website will give you all the information you are seeking and then some. Dell is constantly watching and working on the next big thing.

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For a while, Dell was a privately shared company, which meant that the general public could not purchase shares of the stock that was available. However, in the year 2019, Dell finally became a publicly shared company. It operated for six years as a private business before it opened its doors to allow the general public to become stockholders.

If you are interested in purchasing shares of Dell, you can check online Dell is publicly traded as of December 2018 after six years as a private business.

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