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Decision Making Questions and Answers (Q&A)

I would have a meeting and start it off by explaining the rules of engagement and how negative behavior will hinder our ability to work as a team. i would also privately engage the member involved in negative behavior and explain to her how her behavior is counter productive and it may affect our bottom line goal.

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There are some biases in regards to management. At certain points in the year, many businesses require certain workers to create sales report. These sales reports show the CEO or manager what problems there are if the manager can analyze the data correctly. Sometimes, a manager will take only one piece of data and draw conclusion from it or they will use several different pieces of data in but they will include bias that alters the conclusions drawn from the data.

For instance, if there are finance managers at a company known as Big Bend Inc and they made a financial blunder due to only looking at the previous year’s sales instead of looking at other years. Now the managers were being influenced by their initial impressions.

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