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The consideration is letter B. Batch APEX is actually very important. This is something used in order to build processes that can be used for thousands of records when used on the lightning platform. Knowing this, it is evident why A is not the right answer.

Batch APEX is able to go through not just hundreds but thousands of needed processes. This can cover all of your recordsets and it will be able to break down these thousands of records to chunks that you will find more manageable. This means that you will know

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A user updating the record multiple times does not look like the answer if you think about it. The trigger checks if the closed checkbox was previously unchecked. Now if a user was to uncheck the checkbox -> save, then check => save, there would be another survey created as per design. This is correct since in the last save, the case was closed from a not-closed status, even if its a second close of the case. Remember that they are 2 independent transactions.

A workflow rule with field update is a better reason since according to docs-

"When a record is updated and subsequently triggers a workflow rule field update,Trigger.oldin the last update trigger doesn’t contain the version of the object immediately before the workflow update, but the object before the initial update was made. For example, suppose that an existing record has a number field with an initial value of 1. A user updates this field to 10, and a workflow rule field update fires and increments it to 11. In the update trigger that fires after the workflow field update, the field value of the object obtained fromTrigger.oldis the original value of 1, rather than 10, as would typically be the case."

So a workflow field update would run the after update trigger in the SAME transaction and trigger.old would have the same value, thereby causing another survey to be inserted. Phew!

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Both nhibernate and LINQ are ORM or object-relational mapping for the platform of Microsoft. However, LINQ is not a complete tool of the ORM. To use the framework objects within a database, nhibernate provides services similar to Java in doing so. If you need to use nhibernate, then feel free because it can be used with any DBMS or database management system.

However, nhibernate is limited. LINQ is similar to nhibernate. It stands for the language-integrated query. Linq is not an open-source like nhibernate is. Linq is a query language, but nhibernate is limited in that aspect. Linq is less flexible than nhibernate and has fewer options. Nhibernate is less useful when using them in small applications.

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Out of all the statements that are mentioned for this question, only letter C is not true. Paper-based databases can immediately get lost. You may place it in a folder and then forget the folder somewhere else. When you know that the database needs to be copied, you may have to do it by hand or do it again from scratch. It is also very expensive to update the paper-based database especially if you know that there are less expensive choices that are available.

You also need to create space in order to place all of your needed paper-based databases. All of these can be avoided if technology would be embraced more. There are disadvantages to that as well but at least there are also amazing benefits that are evident for businesses.

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When developing code, unit tests and interactive testing naturally tend to start with small numbers. As the number of objects increases, the execution time has to increase in proportion. Execution time flourishes as the square of the number of objects or the cube of the number of objects.

Limit forces bad algorithm to be replaced by a better one. However, the customer is stuck unable to work until it is fixed. There are two contexts that involve two different approaches. In more complicated cases, the approaches can be combined to fix the problem.

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You do not want to experience the APEX CPU time limit exceeded message. There are different considerations that you should do. First is letter B. You can use maps for cache so that you can work faster and you can find what you are looking for in a short amount of time. Another answer is C.

You need to avoid repeating the process again and again. If you would do these two options, it is likely that you do not need to be alerted if you have exceeded the time because you will finish before time is up. Time is always important not only in programming but also in other aspects of life.

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The correct answer to this question is B, Stub . inputhth-Ieader3_x.put (Authorization, Basic QthZGprjpchVuIHIQchE‘tZQ: This code would be used on the cloud-based software, Salesforce. In this software, an apex code is a typed, object-oriented programming language that is strong.

The Apex code is used by developers, which allows them to execute transaction control statements and execute the flow. It is used in the Lightning platform. Apex codes can be stored in two different forms. The first is a class, which is a blueprint where Apex objects are created. The second is a trigger, which is executed before or after DML, which is data manipulation language.

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B. Verify correct page references by using getURLU
D. Set query parameters by using getParameters () .put

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D. Employee-c emp = new Employee-C(Name='Developer');

emp.Company_r = new Company-r (Company_Id_c=' 999');

insert emp;

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Asynchronous features are those where two or more features are not taking place at the same time, but they are taking place at different times. Often times, this may be used with codes and in Salesforce. The developer doesn’t want two or more events happening at the same time. One event may need to take place before another event.

The developer may want the code to cause the map to perform a potentially long-running callout to an outside web service. Then it provides a way to confirm that the process is executed successfully. The asynchronous feature that should be used in this situation is the queueable interface. This interface allows the execution of Apex jobs to take place so that they can be observed. This is done at different times.

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