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Dangling Modifier Questions and Answers (Q&A)

To raise a good dog, patience is useful is the example of a dangling modifier. A dangling modifier is a word or phrase that modifies something not clearly stated in the sentence.

These are also known as misplaced modifiers and to correct this problem, the sentence could be changed to read: Patience is useful to raise a good dog. This correction allows for more clarification about the word or phrase being modified.

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Why was the question incorrect?

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Suddenly my head began to pound while I was walking through the shopping mall.

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The answer to this is B. What makes the modifier for this sentence wrong? The use of modifiers can be very important. There are some sentences that will change simply because of the modifier that has been placed. In this case, the modifier is put in such a way that it would be confusing if it is the cat that is fluffy or the couple.

The other sentences have the right modifier because the modifier emphasized the meaning of the sentence the correct way. When you check out the other choices, it is only letter B that seems confusing while all the others have clear meanings.

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As i riding bike, whan the tires needed more air.

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False, Misplaced modifiers can be a phrase or noun


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Jumping up, the kitten caught the treat is not a misplaced modifier because it describes the action of the kitten. Modifiers are words, phrases, or clauses that add a description.

The definition of misplaced modifier in the dictionary is a participle intended to modify a noun but having the wrong grammatical relationship to it as an example having left in the sentence.

Modifiers are words or sentence. They give us a better understanding of a word or sentence. The dangling modifier is not properly connected to the subject of the sentence, which makes it unclear which word it modifies.

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