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Cultural Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The "OK" sign that is commonly used in western culture to signify that something is alright or that you've 'got it' is a very offensive gesture in Japan. In Japan this gesture relates to money and often means that a person is trying to get more money out of a business deal.

If a Japanese business person sees this sign being used toward them they may become highly offended thinking that their fair monetary offer is being looked down upon. Many gestures mean different things depending upon the culture in which you are using them in. Its important to be careful about using gestures when dealing with other cultures.

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Provides us with our identity ,beliefs ,values and behavior . The answer is False

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Cultural relativism is known to be the positive side of things. Whenever there are things that are happening, the positive side is considered to be part of cultural relativism. It can also show that people are very understanding of the different cultures that they will encounter even if it is the first time that they have been exposed to certain types of culture.

This is different from ethnocentrism that is considered to be a bit darker. This means that the person believes that he should not think about and respect the culture of other people because of the culture that he has, the culture that he is exposed to is the best one. This explains why cultural relativism is considered as positive while ethnocentrism is considered to be negative.

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Culture competence is the ability to recognize diversity between groups

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