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Morgan Feller

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Warning my comments are long cuz I get real It’s really easy to start to like each other, and the feelings can come out of nowhere! Every guy-girl relationship, one of them wonders about something more than friendship. When that happens, you need to ask yourself some questi...Read More

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Are you the kind of person who keeps thinking, “He/She likes me! He/She likes me not!” throughout the night? Are you totally confused about the mixed and provoking signals which you receive from your crush? Well, there is no exact and defined sign to find out whether your crus...Read More

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The most romantic way to propose to a girl is to do it in a private, solemn, and sincere manner. There are a lot of people who do elaborate proposals. They usually spend a lot of money to prove to the world that they can be with that girl forever. There are some women who do not want...Read More

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We are naturally afraid of talking to our crushes mainly because we feel something for them. Even if we do not admit it, we have placed them on a pedestal. We sometimes feel that we do not deserve to talk to them because we are just who we are. There is also that fear that we will be igno...Read More

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There are moments when you can have so many crushes all at one time. It can be confusing for you in the beginning because you need to keep track of all the people that you find attractive. Amidst all of the people that you have a crush on, there will always be that one special...Read More

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A woman can become so attractive when she shows that she is in control of the situations that she does. I have always been fascinated by how women can multi-task. I sometimes try to multi-task, but most of the time, I fail at it. Whenever I see a woman who is juggling a lot of work, I cannot...Read More

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You can always impress your crush by making sure that you are going to talk about things that are interesting to the both of you. Perhaps you both like books. You can open up a topic that will make it obvious that you know what you are talking about. It will definitely get your crush’s...Read More

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No, we are TOTAL opposites
Yeah like 2-3 things
You a lot
YES! We share the same interests 100%

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Yea 10 time so work on Good job

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