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Criminal Questions and Answers (Q&A)

  • The burden of proof is all about the evidence that is considered before the court so as to determine a person to be held liable of a conviction beyond any reasonable doubt, and thus the defendant is the party subjected to prove beyond unreasonable duty at the court.

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Civil and Criminal Cases are two types of cases that are usually filled in the court of law. While both are being supplied to get justice for an accuser or to acquit someone, the fact remains that both civil and criminal cases are different from each other. Civil litigation is one filled in the court of law to get justice over disagreements, quarrels, between individuals, organizations or between an individual and a particular organization.

Anybody or organization that loses the case is not executed or imprisoned, but the loser can only be directed to pay for the losses the accuser has suffered. A criminal case, on the other hand, is a type of case filled in the court by a victim of a criminal act or a state to get justice. In a criminal case, if a defendant is convicted, he/she can be sent to jail or executed. A convicted person can also be asked to pay fines depending on the nature of the case.

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Abduction takes place when someone uses deceit or force to take a person or child away from their home or family. Kidnapping is the taking away or forcibly transporting a person against his or her will and holding them in false imprisonment.

Kidnapping is usually done to gain either power or profit from the victim and a payoff from their family. Abduction is not done for advantage or monetary gain. The most common case of abduction is seen in divorce cases, where one parent is given sole custody of a child. Both terms refer to the unlawful taking of one person by another.

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Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria AKA "El Patron" was ranked among the 227 billionaires by Forbes magazine from1989-91 and was estimated to be earning around $400 million(US) on weekly basis hence making around $22 billion on annual basis. He was responsible for 80% of cocaine in worlds market and headed the infamous "medallion" cartel of Colombia and at his peak was said to be providing 4 line out of 5 that Americans were snorting in 1990 as claimed by the DEA(Drug Enforcement agency). The 900 miles border of Colombia with her northern neighbor was virtually unguarded and was the smuggling ground of cocaine by Medellin cartel, however, after some time they used the aerial route to smuggle cocaine to America which was their main money machine. For using the aerial route of smuggling the medallion smuggler used to drop their packages(cocaine) in the international waters which were then picked by their contacts in American by speedboats and sometimes the drops were even made in the American countryside. Pablo Escobar was the undisputed "king of cocaine" during throughout 1980's and early 1990's. He was widely regarded as too big to be taken down by the Colombian government and was widely regarded as the "robin hood" among the local Colombian population especially the country people as he used to distribute loads of money among the poor and even build them a number of houses and football fields. His stature could just be imagined when he struck a deal with Colombian government in which he was imprisoned in his own designed prison which contained a football field, pool, barbeque area and a separate mansion for his family and easily controlled his cocaine empire from inside and the Colombian national police was not allowed within the 3 miles of the prison.

His reign of power ended with him being killed by the Colombian army with critical assistance by the American defense apparatus on 2 December 1993 after his escape from his self-styled prison.

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Was asked what side not what pokket!! There fore akkurately speaking answer is right side.

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