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Who holds the best test batting average

A. Sachin Tendulkar
B. Don Bradman

2 Answers

Being a third baseman in the MLB for the Brewers, if it is a weak ground ball, throw a hard throw to first base because the runner going to first has less of a boost to the base than the runner on ...

2 Answers

Sunil Valson is the only Indian Cricketer who won a World Cup without playing a single International match. So, the correct answer to this quiz is option D. Sunil Valson.

Sunil Valson is a ...

3 Answers

Law 32:However, it is not a fair catch if at any time after having been struck by the bat and before a catch is completed the ball has touched a protective helmet worn by a fielder.

6 Answers

He should pick up the ball and step on home to get the force out at the plate. This way, he gets an out and the offense does not score.

1 Answer

He should throw the ball to the third baseman to get a double play.

Throwing home and tagging out the runner will also work, but it is a longer throw and more difficult play.

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