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CPU Questions and Answers (Q&A)

There are several major differences when it comes to the Intel Pentium processor and the Intel Xeon processor. The Pentium processor is the one that is in regular desktop computers where the Xeon processor is always located in servers. The Pentium is always used as a single processor where the Xeon is designed for mulitple users thus its use in a server. With the Pentium being smaller and for smaller usage, it has a lot less cache memory than the Xeon processor does.

Another big difference between the Pentium and Xeon processors is that they both have different socket sites. There is also the difference of the Xeon being best suited for multi-threading. A good analogy to describe the difference between the Intel Pentium processor and the Intel Xeon processor is comparing a small car to an oversized van or SUV. One is bigger and has more ability than the other one.

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(C) 2

A CPU has 2 modes

1> Privileged mode

In this mode, you can access all the areas of memory and make changes in any register. So basically you have unrestricted access to Privileged mode.

2> User mode

In this mode, you get to access the memory in a limited manner and also you get to make no changes in the memory registers.

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AMD processors are the direct competition to the Intel processors. The question is if the AMD processors are any good. AMD processors are good because they focus on a different sector of the processor than Intel. Where Intel is all about overclocking and trying to get as much power and speed out of the space it has been given, AMD focuses on the cores of the CPU so that a more efficient product is produced. AMD processors are more for office and other imporant work.

They would not be a good option when it comes to gaming. The reason for this is that AMD processors do not have integrated graphics. They have an Acclerated Processing Unit that takes care of graphics but critics have always said that an AMD processor is not ideal for online and computer gaming. The question is whether AMD processors are any good and the question is yes. They are good for meaningful tasks and not for leisurely things such as gaming.

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To be able to save data on a floppy disk from a computer, formatting must be done first so, C is the correct answer. It is a process where we prepare a floppy disk, hard disk drive, or USB flash drive for its initial use. Formatting is usually done whenever you will buy a new floppy disk or USB so you can create save more data in the available space of your disk.

You can do a partition where you can allot a different space for your personal collection (images, videos or music) from programs or applications. You can also format your disk not only in the initial usage but when you want to wipe away the previous data in it.

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BIOS is handling the basic setup of the computer.

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