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The gypsies happen to be the set of nomadic folks that so much move aimlessly around the world; while the Romanians are a set of people that makes up an ethnic group. The Romanians dwell within the borders of the country -Romania, while the gypsies have no specific country they live in, but...Read More

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Bali is a small province in Indonesia. It is the most visited tourist destination in Indonesia. The most common languages spoken in Bali are Balinese and Indonesian. The climatic condition of Bali is said to be hot and humid tropics. The temperature most often ranges from 20 to 33 degrees...Read More

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Sweden, a Scandinavian Country has not fought any war since 1814, which was with Norway and is also known as the "Campaign against Norway". Sweden has never been occupied since 1523 and has not attacked any country since 1814. In the 17th century, Sweden was a major military power and at its...Read More

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Hong Kong is a place that is well civilized and equipped with great and sufficient amenities. It seems confusing sometimes whether Hong Kong is a country on its own or a city under the People's Republic of China. Nevertheless, for a place to be recognized as an independent country, it must...Read More

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Tomato puree comes with a thicker consistency as compared to the tomato paste. The sauce is also more flavorful as compared to the usual tomato paste because you are using the actual tomato to provide the flavor that you want. There are some places wherein the tomato puree is added to a lot of...Read More

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Crimea was a Ukranian territory since 1953 but was annexed by the Russian Federation in early 2014 after the Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovich was overthrown in a coup and fled to Russia. Crimea sits on a very important geostrategic position with easy access to the black sea and its vast...Read More

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In 2008 an important bilateral agreement was signed between India and China. The resulting trade has reaped huge financial rewards, and we are talking billions The bilateral trade in 2017 rose by 18.63 per cent year-on-year. But China had a 63$ billion trade deficit and warned India that lower...Read More

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The answer to this question really depends on what is meant by ruled. For example, the United Kingdom is still a monarchy but the queen is mostly just considered the head of state. She really has no political power, the British Parliament makes the laws. But, there are still maybe a handful or...Read More

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The United States of America has the most millionaires with around 15.7 million. Almost 350,000 of them live in New York State and I’m guessing these wealthy men and women mostly live in New York City. Los Angeles and Chicago also have a large number of millionaires. All three of these...Read More

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Geography and climate do not justify Russia's relatively low population. Russia has rich lands and other natural resources. The economy alone does not explain low population either. The immense size of Russia and the distance of many areas from the sea precipitate the dominance of the...Read More

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