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Counselling Questions and Answers (Q&A)

It should be non-directive... take note of the statement"counselor kept on listening to the client" "Later on the emotions of the client subsided and realized what she should do"

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Better challenge him to do something that will attract his attention.

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If you are not too familiar with a leading question, this is a type of question wherein you are prompting the person to provide an answer that is favorable to what you would like to hear. Out of the choices that are available, the leading question is A. Don’t you think you should tell her.

If you would check out all of the other questions, they are more open-ended which means that the person being asked has the option to say what is truly on his/her mind. With A. The person can only answer yes or no and will be able to provide the answer that may lead to another question or even another topic.

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The guidance counselor as a social worker means that the guidance, counselor will give vocational and educational guidance

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Guidance Counseling focus more on academics and vocation above emotional disturbance (unlike a Counselor Therapist)

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