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Counseling Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Counselor is to do their best to listen and give their full attention to the other person. It is not a discussion; the aim is to support the person in the client role to work through their own issues in a mainly self-directed way.

Co-counseling was originally formulated in the early 1950s by the American Harvey Jackins and originated in a schism in the Dianetics movement (itself in part derived from schisms in General Semantics and Cybernetics) [1]).[2] Jackins founded the Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) Communities, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. His son, Tim Jackins, is currently the international leader of Re-evaluation Counseling and its main affiliates.

There are a number of smaller, separate, independent organizations that have resulted from breakaways from, or re-workings of, Re-evaluation Counseling. The principal one of these is Co-Counseling International (CCI).

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People need counseling for many different reasons. There are different types of counseling for the different problems that people have. One type of counseling is marriage counseling. If someone is having trouble in their marriage, they may seek a counselor who is into marriage counseling. Another type of counseling that many people may not have heard of is called nonathletic counseling.

This type of counseling involves counseling with a minister. It can also be known as biblical counseling because the pastor may use the Bible to help with his counseling. When you hear the term nonathletic counseling, you may think that it involves people who are not into sports, but that is not true. It involves counseling with a minister of a church.

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The answer to this is A. The teacher and the student should hold conferences whenever needed. There are some people who are lucky because they are able to understand all of the lessons that they can get from their teachers but there are also some who would need some assistance from time to time.

The conference can help the teacher explain what the student can do in order to improve his/her grades. If the conference would be done at the beginning of the school year, the teacher and the students will not know what things the students would not understand. The end of the semester may be too late. Every day may be too much for both the teacher and the student.

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Guidance counseling is based upon the needs of the individual student. It is based upon the overall well-being and development of the student, and it is also concerned with the social aspect of the pupil’s affairs, as well as challenging the fundamental principles of academic achievements of the student.

This type of counseling also considers the student’s relationship with his or her parents and teachers, as well as with their loyalty to the school. Guidance counselors have the appointed task of making sure that the child excels academically, as well as socially within the confines of the school.

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Before we answer this question, it is worthy to note that there are different kinds of approach when it comes to psychology – Secular and Biblical. Secular psychology is concerned with the teachings of Carl Jung, Carl Rogers and Sigmund Freud, and this approach promotes mankind as the highest standard of truth and rejects the spiritual side of a person or his faith.

Biblical psychology, on the other hand, is based on the Word of God in which it teaches that our problems in life are spiritual in nature. Biblical psychology sees Bible as the sole approach to counseling and is committed to letting God speak to us through his Word. Therefore, psychology works with biblical counseling in terms of sanctification, not fixing a person’s self-esteem.

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Aside from secular and Biblical psychology in terms of counseling, there is also what we call Christian counseling. Secular psychology is concerned with the teaching of Sigmund Freud, Carl Rogers and Carl Jung, to name a few wherein it promotes the thought that the highest standard of truth is mankind thus, rejecting humankind’s faith. Biblical psychology or counseling is concerned with the Word of God wherein it teaches people that the problems are spiritual in nature.

Christian counseling, on the other hand, is a combination of both secular and Biblical psychology. This means that they integrate the two aspects of psychology in their approach – that they use psychology only as a tool, but do not necessarily view it as the absolute truth.

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