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Copyright Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Stuff that are copywrited is:

1. Musical
2. Literary
3. Dramatic
4. Graphical

2 Answers

A legal protection that guarantees that only the original creator of the work has the right to use it.

1 Answer

A. It is the ability to use pictures and text. This only applies to those in an educational setting.

1 Answer

Copyrighted material is a risky material to use, this is because it comes with many rules and regulations that you need to follow. Copyright material is heavily guarded. If you need to make fair use of it, you need to have an authentic purpose, nature, amount and market effect, if all of these...Read More

1 Answer

Infringement is illegal. An author's right to the protect the work he has created must be upheld. Mere access is not infringement, and copying may not be in itself. However, passing off a copy as another's work and/or benefiting financially from such use of the work is infringement.

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Is this overall prevention or selective prevention? More clarity would be nice.

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