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Conjunction Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The correct answer is And. The bus stopped and the man got off.

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I will study my spelling words so I can get a good score on the test.

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D. So, because if it is added, the sentence given after will become a reason.

' And ' would be used if we are doing two things at the same time.

E.g = I ordered pasta and a glass of red wine.

' But ' would be used if we have an issue but we still made an exception.

E.g = I have a red car but I went by my cycle.

' Or ' is used when given a choice.

E.g = Do you want pepper or chili flakes on your pasta?

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I enjoy visiting many different countries but i wouldn't want to live anywhere else but Lisbon.

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I like to eat a lot, but Ihave to watch my weight.

If you are going to add a word such as but to a sentence always put a comma before you write the word down.

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Although and though are two conjunctions that have almost the same meaning. If you are not careful you can easily confuse the two for each other because most times, they are used interchangeably. The two words are best used as conjunction. For example: It was easy, although not as easy as we had expected. You can also use 'though' as a conjunction with this example, ''the products are good, though you will need to pay for it''. However, there are still some differences between although and though.

The usage of 'though' is very common, this means it can appear in almost every part of a sentence i.e. it can appear at the beginning, middle or at the end of a sentence. While 'although' is mostly used at the beginning of a sentence. But it can also be used in the middle. Also the use of 'though' is common in informal writing than in formal writing, which means 'although' is mostly used in formal writing

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I think the sencond sentence should be in the negative form so that the sentence is coherent.

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Deserts are harsh and dry, so many plants grow there.

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srry it need me to have 10 words so im just typing this

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I want to be an interpreter, so i went to college.

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