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Conflict Questions and Answers (Q&A)

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Here are the 4 diff types of conflict: Man vs Man(when a character is having problems or conflict with another character) Man vs Self( when a character is having problems with themselves, usually psychological) Man vs Society(when a character isn't fitting in with what...Read More

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When a character has a problem with outside fources like weather or land

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When a character has problem or fighting with another character

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Since the inception of present-day North Korea at the end of the Korean war in 1953, North Korea has been a point of concern for the global stability. Most of the international relations pundits believe if there will be any large-scale conflict in the world after WW2 that will surely involve...Read More

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An internal conflict is one that may not be visible to others. It is occurring within the person experiencing the conflict. In his or her mind there is a dilemma, such as 'should I say something, or will the reaction be too negative?' or 'Do i dare go in, or will I be rejected.' It may be...Read More

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Conflict is simply define as a disagreement between two opposing individuals or groups. There are about 5 types of conflicts. There include: 1. Man Versus Self (Intrapersonal) conflict
2. Man Versus Society conflict
3. Man Versus Man (interpersonal) conflict...
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What is inirect characterization gain? I kind of forgot? Can you please help me with this.

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When a character disagrees with the values, laws, or beliefs of a group.

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