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Conflict Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Here are the 4 diff types of conflict:

Man vs Man(when a character is having problems or conflict with another character)

Man vs Self( when a character is having problems with themselves, usually psychological)

Man vs Society(when a character isn't fitting in with what the society considers as normal, or the character isn't following the rules)

Man vs Nature (when a character is having problems with nature)

Hope that helped :)

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When a character has a problem with outside fources like weather or land

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When a character has problem or fighting with another character

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An internal conflict is one that may not be visible to others. It is occurring within the person experiencing the conflict.

In his or her mind there is a dilemma, such as 'should I say something, or will the reaction be too negative?' or 'Do i dare go in, or will I be rejected.' It may be a fight or flight situation but happening in a person's mind. Option C is the correct answer.

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Conflict is simply define as a disagreement between two opposing individuals or groups.

There are about 5 types of conflicts.

There include:

1. Man Versus Self (Intrapersonal) conflict
2. Man Versus Society conflict
3. Man Versus Man (interpersonal) conflict
4. Man Versus Nature conflict
5. Man Versus Supernatural conflict

The major cause of conflicts are: poor communication, misunderstanding, improper planning, stress and frustration.

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What is inirect characterization gain? I kind of forgot? Can you please help me with this.

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When a character disagrees with the values, laws, or beliefs of a group.

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