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No, because the two form factors are different in their design. Different size,shape etc. therefore it is impossible.

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The correct answer to this question is B. A CPU, or central processing unit, is the electronic circuitry in a computer that performs the processing of instructions and data flow. When instaliing a CPU, you would first want to lift the release arm in order to be able to install the CPU.

Next, you would want to locate the orientation mark on the corner of the CPU and socket. Then you would holding the CPU by the edges and position it over the socket. Once you have it positioned correctly, you would want to lower the release lever arm, and then install the cooling system.

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Correct answer is option B and C
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) causes catastrophic failure. This type of ESD damage causes some sort of permanent damage such as an anti-oxidant failure or a metal melt. The damage done is irreversible. Damages from ESD can happen to components or devices at any stage during its life, but most devices with catastrophic failure are usually found during the testing process (manufacturing process).

Upset failure is also a type of damage caused by ESD. Upset failure occurs when ESD damages component but not enough to cause complete failure. While in use, the component may intermittently result in gate failure and cause problems with software and storage.

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I am not sure why you would remove the battery? Modern PCs will detect the ram change during post? Is this to somehow protect the ram form ESD or shock. Something new to me. I have been changing ram for the last 25 years and never removed the battery...

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The correct answer is remove the dust inside the PC. It is of extreme importance to remove the dust particles inside the pc, if you want your pc to avoid getting over heated. This is because at times, the dust particles can themselves become heated due to the internal heat of the computer.

Being better thermal conductors, the dust particles can go to a pretty high temperature which again transfers the heat around to the pc components hence damaging it in the long run. There are many ways to remove the dust. Most common method of dust removal is the usage of compressed air.

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It should be the hard drive. Dektop has CMOS battery, but the Data is most important.

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I woulduse ctrl+shift_escape to start the task manager. While C+A+D does determine if its alocked app, to get out of it you have to then hit escape. You still haven't fixed the issue. Yes you can start the task man or reboot. But, if you use C+S+E then you have started the task manger and have determined if the computer is locked. But now, if not locked, you are at a screen where you can look at CPU ram utilization as well as end a hung task.

In my opinion more useful


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This question is stupid. If the NIC is turned off, you would see it on the icon on your system and therefore won't even be able to try and establish any connection.

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