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Computer Software Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The exam or test which is conducted by the medium computer is called a computer-based test. The software which is used to create and conduct exams is called computer-based test software.

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A lead management system is essential for your business. It accelerates the conversion process and helps you to connect with prospects from all over the world. However, there are plenty of simple lead management systems out there. This has made it quite difficult to zero in on one that is best for you. The following are the essential features that every lead management system should have.

  1. Lead Capturing
  2. Lead Validation
  3. Lead Nurturing
  4. Comprehensive Reporting
  5. Built-in Security

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Mouna Challa

Digital Marketer

A simple lead management system accelerates the conversion process and helps you connect with sales qualified leads, nurture them, and close the deal.

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The answers to this question are A, B, and C. For those who do not know, iconv is the short term for internalization conversion. This is a type of application that can be used in order to program different characters easily. You can easily change the codes so that your needs can be accommodated easily.

This can be very effective for your needs. This was used in a type of operating system but this has now gained recognition as more and more programmers have started to use this for their different needs. Remember that not all types of computers would have the ability to sustain this type of program.

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WWW stands for World Wide Web

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A printer is an output device not an input device

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