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The correct answer is option B
While caring for a person who is having a seizure, clear all nearby hard and sharp objects that might cause injury to the person. They should be given enough room and given assistant while walking in order to avoid bumping into sharp objects.

Other options are wrong because a patient should not be held when having a seizure; they should be freed and after the seizure, turned to their sides to aid free breathing.

Despite what you have heard, it is not advisable to put anything in their mouth during the seizure it can be dangerous for the patient, as they can sustain injuries to their teeth or jaw in the process.

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The component is a type of video signal or configuration while RCA is a plug type. Component cables are often composed of several RCA cables. Component cables can also use other connectors besides those from RCA. Differences in video quality depend more on the variety of the equipment used in the cable fabrication and the way it was built rather than on one type of cable being used. Cheap cables may be suitable for short distances, but long distances need a more massive conductor and better protection that is often found only on pricier cables. With component, the video signaling is split into two or more messages that are sent separately.

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It will help them learn about there job

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