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Comparison Questions and Answers (Q&A)

A. What is similar and different about the following topics?
B. What do the essays below have in common and how do they differ?

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Both a town and a village are located in rural areas, and while they both have a fresher and cleaner environment, villages and towns have several differences. One is their land areas. Villages have smaller land areas than towns since towns are villages that have expanded or extended annexing nearby villages. A town has a larger land area. People who live in towns have more access to the market and shops, as well as the fire and police station. A village does not have a mayor or any local laws since it is part of a town and governed by the town officials.

A village is often lacking in transportation facilities and other services. There are more employment opportunities in towns than in villages. Education is better quality in towns. Banks and other local establishments are located in towns, which make them more economically productive and provide the people there with more opportunities.

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How can the price be more expensive?
it should be "The car is more expensive than the bike."

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I think you can count the rooms in a hotel or hostel. You can say for example: The hotel X has 30 rooms. So, room is countable name.

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it should be cooler right because of sea breeze


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