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The seven elements in the speech communication processes are the sender, receiver, feedback, channel, interference, and situation. All of these elements combine and work together to determine the effectiveness of the communication. A change in any one of them is capable of producing a different result. The sender is the person who interprets the message to another, while the receiver is the person to whom the message is given.

Encoding is the portrayl of the message using symbols transmitted by the sender. The channel is where the message is given to the receiver. Examples of this include telephone or email. Feedback is the response to the message. It is passed onto the receiver, and it helps the sender determine the effectiveness of his message.

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Python is not an operating system. It is a programming language. Python is a general-purpose programming language created in the late 1980’s and named after Monty Python. It is used by thousands of people to do things from testing microchips at Intel to Instagram to building video games with the PyGame library. It has strict punctuation rules, known as PEP8, that tell every python developer how to format their code.

It has user groups everywhere, usually called PU6S. It has a design philosophy that emphasizes code readability, notably using significant whitescape. It provides constructs that enable explicit programming on both small and large scales. It features a dynamic type system and has an extensive and comprehensive standard library.

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Confectionery is another name for sweet candy. Lollies are lollipops. Natural confectioneries are those sweet candies that are naturally made and are not processed in a factory. Most candies are made in a manufacturing company, but there are some that are both natural and man-made that are considered to be vegan.

One rule to determine if the candy is vegan is to see if any ingredients in the candy are processed sugar. This would not make the candy vegan. Gelatin is another ingredient that makes candy not vegan. Some candies are known for being vegan. Lollipops like DumDums and Charms are known for being vegan. Some other candies that are considered to be vegan include Blow pops and Ring pops.

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