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If by private property you mean personal property, communism allows for that. If you mean private ownership of the means of production, that wouldn't be allowed in communism.

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Socialism and Communism are different types of economic systems that consider the fact that all resources in a place should be distributed equally among members and also create a central leadership system that will be controlling and monitoring the economy. However, the differences between...

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D. Collingwood

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I do not think there is any ideal Communist system in existence in the world. Most countries practice these two major economic systems: capitalism (an economic system which include the private ownership of resources or capital, with economic decisions made largely through the operation of a...

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Rally swarms fools to your cause and make them take care of it hile you plot

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Economic system in which the factors of production are owned by individuals in order to make a profit

Remember, capitalism is about private property and profit motive!

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Economic system in which the factors of production are owned by the government and wealth is redistributed from the rich to the poor to create an classless society

In a system of socialism, the government owns everything in an attempt to redistribute wealth and create an equal society

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