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Commonwealth Game Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The CommonWealth of Nations contains former colonies of the "old" British Empire. Originally, when the CommonWealth was formed, it required the colonies who had received freedom to accept the King/Queen of England as the head of their respective nations (Canada still considers it!!). In 1949, when India desired to become a Republic without leaving the CommonWealth, the then King George VI asked the Parliament to come up with a solution.

That same year, the London Declaration was passed. In this, the highest member of the British Royal Family would be considered Head of the CommonWealth and countries could choose whether or not to accept them as the Head of their country. As the Head of the CommonWealth, it is their duty to preside over the CommonWealth games(fun duties these guys have). If they can’t attend, other members of the Royal Family are required to act as the Head’s representatives. CommonWealth games in 2018 are being presided over by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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It’s not that people do not care about the Commonwealth games, it's only your perception. Just because the influential American media doesn’t cover it extensively doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t paying attention. In fact, Commonwealth games reached its top viewership during its 2010 games in India. The 2010 games had over 6000 athletes participating, making it the largest sports event to ever take place in Asia. The image of the 2010 games has made the CommonWealth games as prestigious as the Asian games and raised the bar.

The wave that 2010 created lasted in 2014 Glasgow CommonWealth games, which is considered the best Commonwealth Games in history for its spotless organization and its ability to live up to the hype that the 2010 games had created. Commonwealth Games are a huge deal for countries in the Commonwealth as it provides a platform for athletes from second and third world countries to compete in an international event and prepares veteran athletes for the Olympics. The attendance at the 2018 games dropped but viewership, especially from India, increased twofold (making the overall future of the Commonwealth games brighter).

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The Commonwealth Games are an olympic style sporting event that takes places between the Commonwealth of Nations or better yet known as the British Commonwealth. There are 53 members who are part of the Commonwealth nations and these are all countries who are possessions or are in some way connected to the four countries who comprise the four main British Commonwealth countries and they are England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The first recongized edition of the Commonwealth Games took place in 1930 but it can trace its origins and inspiration back to the 1911 Inter Empire Championships that were held in London.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games have been recognized as the first major multi-national sporting event in which there were an equal amount of mens and womens medals awarded to the participants. The Commonwealth Games is modeled after the Modern Olympic Games and ever since 1930 has been held every four years just like the main Olympics does. The same sports and competitions commence in the Commonwealth Games as the Olympics does as well.

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Commonwealth can be described as a gathering of countries or states that share the same ruling and governing structure. It is a term that is widely used in the United States to describe different states. Instead of being called states they are called commonwealths. The term is most associated with the British Commonwealth of nations.

These are the four mainland British countries of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland along with all of the countries and possessions that the British monarchy and crown has rule over. While a lot of these territories have their own native and soverign rules and laws, they still pay adherence to the British throne with Canada being a prime example of that. The word commonwealth simply describes the fact that these countries and territories share a common origin and ruler in which the case is Queen Elizabeth II and the British throne.

All of these countries under the British Commonwealth have always been known for showing great pride in being a part of the monarchy of nations which is another interesting trait in a commonwealth country, nation, or state.

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The United States does not participate in the Commonwealth Games because it is not one of the 53 members of the Commonwealth of Nations. The Commonwealth of Nations are the nations, states, and territories that are ruled and are noted as being under the British monarchy and throne. While the United States was founded and ruled at one time by the British throne, they no longer are and thus are ineligible to be able to participate in the Commonwealth Games.

The Commonwealth Games take place every four years and have done so ever four years since 1930. The origins of the Commonwealth Games actually can trace their origins and inspirations to the 1911 London Inter Empire Games. The Commonwealth Games are patterned after the Modern Olympic Games which also takes place every four years.

A very interesting fact pertains to the 2018 Commonwealth Games. This rendition will become the first major international sporting and olympic style event in which both the men and women will be awarded the exact same amount of medals.

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There are several top notch veterans who will be competing in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. One of note is Indian trap shooting great Manavjit Singh Sandhu. He has won the gold medal in trap shooting at every Commonwealth Games since the 2006 edition held in Melbourne, Australia. Australia's Sally Pearson will be looking for a third consecutive Commonwealth Games medal in swimming and will be a highly regarded veteran at this year's Games.

Usain Bolt is no longer running for Jamaica but his veteran running partner Yohan Blake will be at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and this veteran is certainly looking to put on a show. If there was a veteran to compete at the 2018 Commonwealth Games it is certainly Northern Ireland's David Calvert.

Calvert will be competing in his 11th Commonwealth Games in 2018. He first competed in the shooting full bore competition in 1982 in the Games. The 67 year old will be looking to add to the 8 total medals and four golds that he has been able to garner for his efforts in the Commonwealth Games.

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There are several highly anticipated athletes who will be competing in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Most of these sought after athletes are ones who have competed in the main Olympics and are gearing themselves up for the big games that will take place in 2020. Some of the highly anticipated athletes that fans are waiting to see are Australia's Sally Pearson (swimming), Yohan Blake of Jamaica (track and field), Elaine Thompson of Jamaica (track and field), and Cate Campbell of Australia (swimming). One person of interest that will be getting some looks is the 11 year old table tennis player from Wales in Anna Hursey.

When Hursey competes in the 2018 Commonwealth Games she will by far become the youngest competitor to ever take part in the Games. Her coaches say that she is disciplined far beyond her years and that she spends up to six hours a day training for the upcoming Games. There are a huge slew of other competitors that will be having a big eye on them as well in the upcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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One thing that could bring more public attention to the Commonwealth Games is having the events shown on a major international sports channel such as ESPN and some of the major networks that have sports channels like NBC and Fox. These Games always feature major international and succesful athletes that people from all around the world have heard of or have actually seen compete in person.

The Commonwealth Games are widely advertised in the Commonwealth of Nations countries and territories but that is it. If there were more of a push for more international advertising and exposure of the Commonwealth Games the more of a chance that more fans would watch the events and in the end would bring more public attention.

Another thing is that more people are more interested in the regular Olympic Games than the Commonwealth Games. While the Commonwealth Games stages the same events and awards medals to both men and women and has events for paraolympians, it is the regular Olympic Games that garner the more attention. A more widely pushed international ad campaign for the Commonwealth Games would make the competition more relevant.

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The reason that we must have the Commonwealth Games while we also have the Olympics is in order to keep up with tradition. While the Olympics have been around longer than the Commonwealth Games, both have been staged for decades and there certainly will be no stop in the commencement of these two events. The modern Olympic Games took place in 1896. The Commonwealth Games were first held in 1930.

Both of these international showcases have hosted some of the best Olympians to ever compete in the history of Olympic competition. The Commonwealth Games also acts as a warmup for the Commonwealth of Nations countries as they prepare for the regular Games. The Commonwealth Games are relevant to the athletes because they dedicate themselves and go through the training in order to be able to compete. There are looking to get on that major stage and show how much that their training has paid off.

There is a good reason as to why the Commonwealth Games take place regardless of the regular Olympics because it is tradition and it serves as a barometer for training Olympians.

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The 2018 Commonwealth Games has a total of 19 different sports that are contested. 71 of the members of the Commonwealth of Nations participated in the event. A total of more than 4,400 atheltes participated in the games with 300 of these athletes being para-olympic athletes. There were a total of 275 sets of medals awarded at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The 2018 Commonwealth Games has set a record for international olympic style events.

These are the first international olympic style competive games where both the men and women are awarded the same amount of medals. The 2018 Commonwealth Games were staged on the Gold Coast of Australia in Queensland. The competition was held in 14 different staging venues across the host city with other venues holding competitions in Brisbane, Cairns, and Townsville. This is the fifth time overall that the country of Australia has hosted the Commonwealth Games.

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