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Comedy Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Apparently, the funniest stand up of all time include those by Louis C. K. This is because Louis carries a totally exceptional a unique style of delivery. He is extremely popular is dark humor which is deliver very naturally in a shocking manner, without hurting the sentiments of either side of the party.

Louis is also a writer, actor, and a filmmaker based in the United States of America. He has won six primetime Emmy awards along with various different awards for his stand-up comedy specials. Currently, he is aged 50 and resides in Washington DC, The United States of America.

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IIiza Shlesinger is one of the funniest young comedians ever. She was born in Dallas, Texas, United States in 22nd February 1983 and written a number of books. Moreover, she has also started in a number of comedy shows on the television which contributed a lot to her overall popularity.

She studied at the University of Kansas and won the NBC’s last comic standing in the year 2008 after which she went viral. Then, she hosted the dating show called Excused and a comedy game show Separation Anxiety. All in all, she is one of the funniest and most talented comedians.

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The funniest Robin Williams movie is Mrs. Doubtfire. In this movie, he takes the role of an old nanny in order to take care of his children who are living with his wife with whom he has had a divorce. Perhaps this character that he plays in this film is what makes it one of his funniest movies.

Moreover, the way he has immersed himself in the character of an old nanny is yet again impressive, and extremely funny. Apart from that, the setting of the events and the way they turn up in the movie add in to the overall experience.

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The best thing that you can do when someone steals your joke is to avoid him/her, and to concentrate on your art. There will always be people who will take credit of your word unless you are really successful.

After you get very successful, people will know for sure whenever someone uses a joke that you came up with. Until then, try not to get your mind diverted to those who steal others’ work. Instead, focus on improving yourself more so that you can become the best of all. Indeed, this is the only thing that will bring you success.

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Most famous comedians are black due to a number of reasons. This is because black people by nature tend to be funny. The way they speak and let their thoughts out in a humorous way, is totally unique and is very different from the rest of the lot. This allows them to stand out.

Moreover, black people tend to have varying levels of negative experiences which includes racism. With ease, they are able to add sarcasm and dark humor into such experiences so as to let their anxiety out. This makes them the best at what they do and allows others to relate.

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At stand up shows, people who film usually put it up on the internet which reduces the originality of the artists. Other struggling comedians usually use jokes from such sources without giving a credit. Moreover, it also allows the stand-up comedians to use the same jokes over again at different instances, especially when close performances are scheduled.

This is because coming up with three original scripts for three shows scheduled one after another is almost certainly impossible, if the quality of content has to be kept high. This is the prime reason why cameras are not allowed in stand up shows.

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The Fox is saying:

Cat goes "meow"
Bird goes "tweet"
Dog goes "woof" & many mores.

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Well, being a comedian is all about the content that you make. While some people consider saying controversial things as an easy pathway to success, it is not true in all cases. As a comedian, you can surely talk about controversial issues but do it in a way so as to avoid hurting the feelings of others.

Moreover, try to put in your humor in controversial statements without adopting a bias side as that could become a hindrance in your career as a comedian. All in all, stay true to yourself and don’t go out of the line for quick fame. Instead, focus on the quality of your content.

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Well, many people do not find Kevin Hart funny at all. This is primarily because most of the stand-up comedy that he does involves humor that is derived from his experiences as a black male with a very large extended family. This is a situation that which not all of us can relate to or have experienced.

Hence, only a specific fraction of the people find Kevin Hart to be extremely funny and these are the people who can actually relate to all that he is saying. While to us, it usually does not make enough of a sense at all.

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Becoming a stand-up comedian is not as tough as one might think. However, it requires you to have a good humor, years of experience, great imagination/creativity, and a lot of practice. Often at times, even the most mediocre jokes when delivered in the right manner, sound very funny.

This is a skill that which stand-up comedians need to have, and is developed over years of experience. Being a stand-up comedian revolves around finding humor within your own life experiences. As an introvert, you can perhaps joke about the things introverts feel so that other introverts will relate better to you and become your audience.

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